Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – How To Use Fuse In Combat

Link already has a lot of tools, and the new fusion system is one of them. But in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, he has to be clever to use it to its full potential.

There are a lot of new things to do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but the Fusion System is one of the most interesting. As the name suggests, it includes putting together different things to make something bigger than the sum of its parts. This is sometimes used to solve puzzles in the game. Most of the time, though, it will be used for fighting.

Fusion changes the way normal fights work in surprising ways. Almost every tool has a use, whether it’s for offence, defence, or both. This can keep foes guessing and make sure that Link, the main character, always has the upper hand. As long as he keeps his eyes and ears open, he will always find ways to get rid of his enemies. Fusion is the part of Tears of the Kingdom that makes players think outside the box the most.

Create New Weapons

This should be easy to understand. With the Fusion System, it makes sense that players could combine items to make weapons. Most likely, they’ll use the method most when making things like this.

That’s partly because there are so many choices. They could join a stick to a rock to make a war hammer, or they could put thorns on a club to make a spikey bat. There are a lot of options.

Fans can even make new guns by putting together old ones. When you put a stick and a claymore together, you get a powerful weapon with a huge range. Players could also tie a shield to a sword, which would give them a homemade fan they could use to get away from their enemies. But that’s not the only way these tools can come together.

Attack & Defend At The Same Time

Being wrong is just the beginning. Fusion works the same way for defence, since swords and shields can make more than just fans. Two-handed blades, for instance, are a dangerous endeavour. They build up slowly and leave Link open. But when combined with protection, these big tools can stop enemy attacks. This idea also applies to other kinds of guns.

Another way to avoid damage is to join two spears together. The new weapon not only combines their effectiveness, but it also has a longer range. This lets Link keep a safe distance from enemies while he attacks, so he can kill them before they even get close. It goes without saying that this makes his life span much longer.

Strengthen Existing Weapons

One of the biggest issues about Breath of the Wild was how long it would last. The fact that fans’ favourite tools broke after just a few hits took all the fun out of them and took away any reason to use them. Lucky for us, that’s not as much of a problem here.

Players can make their weapons stronger in Tears of the Kingdom by fusing them together. This not only makes the item last longer, but it also does a lot more harm. This is shown by the Soldier Construct Horn. When this material is added to fighting tools, it makes them hit really hard. Status effects can make this even more exciting for fans. Link’s strikes can do damage from fire, cold, lightning, and other elements when he uses valuable gems. In short, fusion makes guns last longer and work better at the same time.

Super Jump

When there are too many enemies, players need to be able to get away quickly. The easiest thing to do is run away, but Tears of the Kingdom has a defence that will help you get away better. Link is launched into the air by the Rocket Shield. At the same time, it keeps bullets and other things from hitting him. This lets him get away from those chasing him and keep from getting trapped. All he needs is a Zonaite Shield and a Rocket to do it.

If players have these things, they should definitely think about using them together. No matter how skilled they are, the odds will always be against them at some point. In that case, the Rocket Shield might save your life. It’s both a way to get away and a short break.

Turn Enemies Against Each Other

Even though an exit plan is helpful, fusion can also turn the tide in a different direction. Specifically, it can get people to join its side who don’t want to. It’s easy: just join a shield to a Muddle Bud Mushroom. Then, use that cover to block.

Anyone who tries to attack the mushroom accidentally sets off its seeds. The mouldy plant makes them lose their minds and turn on their friends. This gives Link much-needed time and keeps him from being overwhelmed as much. He can just stand back and watch the two groups fight. No matter who wins, he just takes the leftovers.This is a different way to use the fusion system, but it might be more useful in the long run.

Invent Guns

Link can already use Fusion to make his arrows into RPGs, tracking missiles, and other high-tech weapons. But with the help of the Zonai, he can take that progress one step further. Putting one of their guns on a spear turns it into a huge gun. It’s basically a shotgun or rocket launcher that can fire explosives.

When Link pulls the trigger, the weapon starts a huge fire that burns everything in front of him. Even though this goes against the mediaeval fantasy world in a big way, players probably won’t care. A tool with so much power is undeniably exciting. Any enemy that gets caught in the blast dies quickly. Fans take any edge they can get in Spacebar Clicker game where every item is important.

Tears of the Kingdom from The Legend of Zelda can be played on a Nintendo Switch.