You may also need to get a certification

If you are looking for someone to do electrical work for you, you should call an electrician who is licensed in Florida.

This is true especially if you are doing electrical work yourself. For example, you may be thinking about installing an electrical panel for your home. In order to be licensed to do this type of work, you’ll need to get an electrical license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Once you get one, you can work anywhere in the State of Florida.

You may also need to get a certification. These certifications include: Building Electricians in Jacksonville Florida Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Gas fitter, etc. You can obtain them from the Florida Bureau of Building and Construction Safety. There is also a special certification called the Home Improvement Contractor Certification. This certification covers the installation of electrical equipment, lighting and water heaters. The only state recognized certificate for this purpose is held by a contractor with a Florida State Electric License.

Once you have the licenses and certifications you need, you’ll need to make sure that you are insured. You should also register your business with the Florida Division of Professional Regulation. Before you can advertise your services, you’ll need to pass the Uniform Plumbing Code test and obtain a Certificate of Compliance.