5 Worst Academic Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid


Every student has to do essay writing plenty of times in his student life. But most students don’t like it. Because they don’t get the desired marks.  And the main reason behind their poor marks in essay writing is that they don’t know about the mistakes. And how to avoid them. So, if you don’t want to make the mistakes. And what are mistakes that most students do and how to avoid them? Then let’s take a look at all the answers one by one.  

5 Worst Mistakes that the Students should avoid While Essay Writing:

1) Unclear or Weak Thesis:

One of the most common mistakes the students do is that they write a statement that is not clear. Or very hard to understand for the teacher or for the audience.  The thesis is one of the most significant parts of essay writing. Because the whole essay is based on the thesis. And if the thesis is not clear or weak then understanding the main purpose of the essay. And what is the message you want to convey with it will be unclear. So, that is why it is the most crucial part of essay writing. 

How to Avoid?

To Avoid this problem, you have to do proper research about the topic. And while doing the research you should think of the targeted audience. And there are the questions to ask while choosing the right topic. These questions are “What “When” and “Why”. And when you answer this question by yourself then you will get the answer. That is the perfect thesis for essay writing. And when you find the answer to all these three questions. Then you are ready to choose the thesis. 

2) Less Evidence and Facts according to the thesis:

Students after answering all three questions just choose the topic. And don’t focus on the details and the evidence that is required for proving the thesis. Less evidence makes the whole essay unclear and non-valuable. And when the essay is invaluable. Then how the teacher will give the students the marks they wanted. Doing in-depth research and spending time gathering the information is very important in your essay writing. And for that, you should need to do the research. And grab all the information that is required in the topic to prove the point the student made in the thesis.

How to avoid This?

So, to avoid this a basic thing and that is if the topic is according to your interest. And while choosing the topic you have the confidence that you can support the thesis. Or another thing you can do is to do research about the topic. And if there is enough content to share in your essay writing. And you can add value to your essay.  

 if you can’t the details and the facts for your essay writing. Then you should have the knowledge about the topic. And if you have the knowledge then brainstorm the ideas.  And then the search from the resources you know. Otherwise, choose another topic. Or for this, you can take the services from anyone who is giving the services for this. Like if you are in Malaysia then any Essay Writing Service Malaysia will help you with it.

3) Not Choosing the Original Idea:

As a teacher, I know that copying an idea and rephrasing the information is a lot easy than finding the whole information from scratch on an original topic. But originality is what attracts the most teachers. And most teachers give extra marks for the original idea. And an original idea shows your interest. Also, your ability to research and how you defend it. And the teacher usually gives the essay writing to see the talent of the student and to enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills.  

How to Avoid it?

To avoid this mistake, you simply have to read the topics of your interest in the essay writing and then choose a unique topic for you. It is a bit difficult but it is worth it.

4) Sentences that are hard to understand:

The students once choose the topics and then write on them without stopping. And they didn’t even break the sentences for too long. Which makes the sentences more complex to understand? And this might lead the students to less marks. Creating short sentences and breaking them into paragraphs will make it easier for the teacher and the audience to understand what you are trying to convey.  

How to Avoid?

You can easily avoid this mistake by making shorter sentences and by using easy words. So, that the audience and the teacher can easily understand what you are trying to say. And if your explanation is long. Then break it into several paragraphs. Because paragraphs look easy to the eyes for reading.  And reading a big paragraph looks scary.

5) Revision and proofreading:

Because many students do essay writing or any type of other assignments on the last day. So, they just write the essay and submit it. And there are many grammatical, structural, and formatting mistakes in it. So, this shows the unprofessionalism of the students. And shows that the students don’t value essay writing. So, the teacher deducts the marks.

How to Avoid?

So, to avoid it you just have to read the whole essay carefully.  And make sure that there no grammatical or structural mistakes are present in the essay. And if something is present then edit it and submit the best possible form of your essay writing. 


There are 5 most common mistakes that students do while essay writing. Firstly, they choose an unclear thesis statement that does not show the real meaning and question.  Secondly, they don’t have enough evidence to support the thesis. Thirdly, they do not choose original ideas.  Fourthly, they write hard sentences to understand.  Lastly, students don’t edit and proofread.