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how to do seo for new website step-by-step benefits of digital marketing

In this post i will tell you what is digital marketing? How to we start digital marketing? How to earn money with digital marketing? How to I do digital marketing? benefits of digital marketing? digital marketing for beginner?

What is digital marketing?

If you want to sell a product, you can sell your product by placing an ad on social media or on Google. This process is called digital marketing. You can save your time by doing this kind of digital marketing. And your product sells out quickly

What the Steps of digital marketing

  • Search engine
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Apps

what is search engine

If you have a problem in a question and you go to Google to solve it and search there according to your problem, you see Hull on the first page of Google and so on the second page. So if you have products to sell, people related to your product come to Google and search, they get what they find on the first page, and if you know the search engine, it helps you find the product. Do EO. And then you can put your product or related issue on the first page and or sell your product, this process is called search engine optimization.


Just as you need to know about search engine optimization, you also need to know about the site, what it is, how it works and what are the benefits of a website with the help of a website. You can sell your product or group your business or give your opinion according to any problem. What are the things we need for the website? After that we put our product or business on it, only then it comes up in Google search and our business guru is required to have a website.

Social media

Since today’s era is the age of social media, if we have to sell a product or show people how beneficial it can be for them, we use social media to reach our product. For this we must have knowledge about social media, how it works and how we can reach our products to people. If people like our product, they can order from there and fulfill their needs. This gives us many benefits. First of all, . We don’t need to make panaplex and our product is easily sold and our cost is saved.


the process of sending a message to another place through any electric device is called email. Then if we know what email is and how it works email means if we have a product then if we have to sell our product through email then to send the message somewhere else for the child. So first we will collect a lot of emails and we can message our product to other people. The benefit would be that it would go to them. Or if they have it, they can contact us and buy it. For them it is also called email marketing.

Why better than traditional

  • lage audience
  • audience targeting
  • cost effictive
  • immediate feedback
  • easy tracking

Road map

After that we have to follow a path that will help us to master it and promote our product or our business. All these given blew.

  • Decide your goal
  • Target clients
  • freelancing
  • Referrals
  • Be consistent

skill you will need

the skill that are important for digital marketing are given blew.

  1. Good with Social media
  2. Data analytics
  3. Google analytics
  4. WordPress expert
  5. Basic HTML
  6. Basic design sence

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