Why Are Book Trailers One Of The Most Successful Marketing Tools For Your Book?

If you have published your book, you must be looking for ways to market your book.

Book launches, podcasts, press releases, book reviews, social media presence, e-mails, and having a website are some ways of marketing.

But are you wondering-

Why use a video for marketing something that’s ‘written’?

It’s because trailers are one of the most impactful ways of marketing. We remember visuals more than what we have read.

With the evolution of the publishing industry, authors are looking for new and innovative ways to promote their work. A marketing strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is the creation of book trailers.

Similar to movie trailers, book trailers are short videos that offer a glimpse into the book to pique the readers’ interest.

To understand more, let’s take a trip around book trailers.

What Is A Book Trailer?

A book trailer is a short promotional video that generates interest in a book.

Similar to a movie trailer, it provides a glimpse into the content, characters, and setting of a book in a visually engaging manner. A book trailer’s goal is to attract the attention of a potential audience, create excitement around the book, and ultimately drive sales.

Book trailers are typically one to three minutes in length. They usually include elements such as animation, music, voiceovers, footage of the author, or relevant (book) locations. They’re often created in a similar style to movie trailers, with dramatic music and quick cuts for a sense of anticipation and excitement.

You can share book trailers on various social media platforms, author websites, and book retailer websites to promote the book and generate buzz leading up to its release. Use it as a powerful tool to reach a wider audience.

Importance of Book Trailers in Selling Your Books

Grabs attention: Book trailers tempt prospective readers and entice them to learn more about the book. They’ll offer a visually engaging way to showcase your book’s content, characters, and setting.

Reach a wider audience: You can share book trailers on social media platforms/websites and for Amazon self-publishing.

Creates buzz: Book trailers generate excitement and buzz around your book before its release. This’ll lead to increased pre-orders and early sales.

Increases book sales: Book trailers are a powerful tool to increase book sales. Your audience will understand your book better and know why they should read it.

Add a professional touch: A well-made book trailer by an animated video agency such as White Magic Studios– will add a professional touch to your online presence (as an author) and overall marketing efforts.

Differentiate from the competition: In a market for thousands of books, book trailers will help your book be set apart from other books and stand out among similar titles.

Offers a sneak peek: Book trailers enable a sneak peek into the book. This piques the interest of likely readers and convinces them to buy your book.

Showcases your’s style: Book trailers also showcase an author’s unique style and voice. This’ll help to build your personal brand and attract new readers.

Create a well-made book trailer, add a professional touch to your marketing efforts, and generate excitement around your book.

The Elements of Structure of Book Trailers

Include these key elements that work together to create a compelling and engaging promotional video.

  • The book trailer should prominently display the book’s title and the author’s name.
  • The trailer should include a brief summary of the book’s plot to give viewers a general idea of the book.
  • Highlighting the book’s main characters in the trailer makes it more relatable. Readers know what to expect.
  • Depicting the book’s setting sets the mood and tone for the trailer. Readers get an idea of where the story takes place.
  • The right music creates a mood or atmosphere for the trailer and sets the tone for the book.
  • Adding a voiceover gives the trailer more depth and additional context to the visuals.
  • The trailer should end with a clear call to action for viewers to buy or pre-order the book.

Create a visually engaging and compelling video by including these elements in the book trailer.

How to make a book trailer?

Making a book trailer is a fun and creative process.

Make allowances for these steps when creating a book trailer:

  • Plan the video: Determine the length of the trailer. Jot down the key messages to convey. Decide the overall style and tone.
  • Choose visuals: Select visuals such as images, illustrations, or stock footage which showcase the book’s content, characters, and setting.
  • Write a script: Develop a script that’s a brief summary of the book’s plot and information about yourself as an author. Incorporate a call to action for viewers (such as buy on…, see, click a link, etc.).
  • Select music: Choose music that enhances the mood and tone of the trailer- which is in sync with your book’s storyline.
  • Record a voiceover: If desired, record a voiceover to provide additional context to the visuals to enhance the effect.
  • Edit the video: Use Video editing software to create a cohesive video from the visuals, music, and voiceover. Use the services of experts like White Magic Studios for the best results.
  • Add text: Include ‘text overlays’ highlighting the book’s title, author, and relevant quotes or accolades.
  • Finalize and share: Once the video is complete, promote the book on social media, book retailer websites, and your author’s website.

The visuals and music should work together to create a mood or atmosphere that captures the attention of probable readers and leaves them wanting more.

How to Create an Economical Book Trailer?

Some book trailers are usually elaborate productions with high-end equipment and professional actors. But it’s possible to create a book trailer on a budget.

  • Use Free or Inexpensive Video Editing Software to create and edit your video hassle-free.
  • Utilize Royalty-Free Music instead of commissioning a composer or licensing expensive music.
  • Public domain footage and stock footage add visual interest to your book trailer.
  • If you have photos or videos of your book’s setting or inspiration, these may be incorporated into your book trailer.
  • Use simple, clear messaging to convey the benefits of reading your book.
  • The best option would be to associate with publishers like White Magic Studios for attractive animations at very reasonable rates. Because you can concentrate on writing rather than making trailers DIY.

The most important thing is to retain the essence of your book and lure your present audience to know more & reach new readers also.