Which Category Is Best for YouTube

Which Category Is Best for YouTube

First of all tell us what is YouTube? YouTube is a search engine similar to Google, the only difference is that when a search is made on Google, it comes either in the form of photos or text that is found. What do we need?
YouTube is a search engine or built-in.
We have a problem with something or something we are building and we don’t know what to do next. If any type of information technology is required, we get it in the form of videos on YouTube. Another quality is that it does not let us get tired or bored
Second, it makes us feel that we can get relevant information from it. This was the difference between YouTube search engine and Google search engine. The question then arises as to which category of videos can be found in YouTube and which one is suitable for our work.
And we can create our YouTube channel by watching them

YouTube videos Category list

Which Category Is Best for YouTube

1= pets and animals
2= auto’s and vehicles
3= film and animation
4= music
5= sports
6= travel and events
7= Gaming
8= people and blogs
9= comedy
10= entertainment
11= neus and politics
12= how to style
13= education
14= science and technology
15= nonprofit and activism

Pets and animals

Which Category Is Best for YouTube

In this category we will talk about pets and other animals, which animal likes which thing more, which thing makes it happier, which food it likes to eat, all this comes under this category. Everything is shown in video format, you can create a channel in this way

Autos and vehicles

In this category, you have to give information about the vehicles, which model of the vehicle it is, which company it belongs to, and how much difference there is between today’s middle and its full model, in addition to this, we will tell you what it is. Can be modified and beautified
And you must tell which car you like in the comment below


This category tells about sports that we can use to tell people which sports to practice, how much to practice, and how to improve your game. Can tell about the practice of all sports cricket, football, hockey, tennis etc come in sports

Film and animation

In this category we will talk about movie and animation in which we can upload any movie on You Tube and upload any short action movie clip and trailer and also make any action clip by ourselves. Can upload it by uploading it. It is in high demand on YouTube.


This category is very popular all over the world. People are playing a game on the computer and recording it on the screen. And many people have created a channel and are uploading and telling which game is coming this year and you can create such a channel too.

people and blogs

People in this category go out with their mobile or camera. And talking to people and answering questions from them and seeing people in new places and enjoying people. This category is in high demand these days because of this it gives people a chance to see new places. People eat it with gusto

How to style

In this category people are told about new styles and new ways of living, how to sit, how to talk to people, how to wear clothes and how to cut hair and many more are told in this category.

Science and technology

In this category, people do some science experiments and see that if it is done in this way, it gives this result. People enjoy it a lot and nowadays it is becoming more and more popular. People see new experiments. and they learn about new things

We have explained a few of the categories above but all of them are very important and many people are thriving by following them if you are interested in a YouTube channel of this category. You can succeed in this field by working hard

How to we make a YouTube Channel

Now we know what are the categories in YouTube, how we can create our own channel on YouTube and how to create a complete channel.
First of all you need to create a g-mail for that go to your dashboard and go there search google account and click on the link above and create your new account.
Then search on Google, go to YouTube, go to settings, write your account or your channel name, then select your channel category and upload videos according to your category on your channel. Account is verified After your account is verified you must have a phone number Once your account is verified it becomes your real account and it is yours when monetization comes time and Tells Google that you own it.

Video Uploaded Process

  • Click on the crate above and upload the video by clicking the button
  • When you are uploading the video, click on the More option
  • Below that, you will find the category option, click on it and select the category of your choice.

Questions about you tube

Who do we need to earn money on YouTube?

Ultimately it depends on YouTube which method you can fulfill to earn money from YouTube. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views on your videos.

how much money do you make on you tube

How much money do you earn on YouTube? It depends on many factors and we cannot give you an answer. Each category has its own revenue CPM varies per YouTuber, location and other factors. As a general rule of thumb, the average CPM in the USA is the lowest.

How do I make more money on YouTube?

Ad revenue is usually only a fraction of YouTube’s revenue. There are partner deals, private advertising, sponsors, merch sales, sponsors, and more.

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