What does a 3-row SUV mean?

The 3 ROW SUV is a sports utility vehicle that seats 7-8 people, with some variants going up to 9. Normally there is the front row which seats the driver and front passenger, then the middle row, which may host three travelers. The last row hugs the trunk space and may seat up to three passengers.  

The significance of 3 row SUV 

3 Row SUVs are about more than just increasing the seating capacity. They are versatile, more than regular-sized SUVs and sedans. Check out below. 

Increased seating capacity

The addition of a third row allows more seating area, which can accommodate more passengers, unlike smaller vehicles. It’s therefore ideal for families, road trips carpooling and group travelers. 


Now here comes the catch. The 3rd row SUV’s flex allows you to fold the third row to create more trunk space. When the seats are up, you still get to carry more travelers. 


3 Row SUVs carry full towing capabilities. Whether it’s a trailer, Recreational Vehicle or Boat, the power a 3-row SUV can give during the tow cannot be matched by a minivan. Even when it’s just about space, it will still handle the additional cargo and passenger weight with minimal fuss.  

All weather and offroad flexibility

Most 3 row SUVs generally feature the all-wheel drive mechanism. They, therefore, guarantee your performance even when the roads are challenging or during off-road adventures. You may find them perfect for different terrains, climates and weather conditions. 

Safety features 

Most SUV’s are built for safety. And the larger ones, like the 3-row, have additional safety features. You can expect additional airbags, stability control systems and programs, lane departure alarms, collision detectors and rear-view cameras. These safety features guarantee protection for both the driver and passengers. 

Where should you buy the 3-row SUV in 2023?

As the popularity of the 3-row SUV surges exponentially, you should get into the game. It helps to know that there are different car makers, and only some people match the standards. The 3 row SUVs are all about space without forgoing performance, safety and aesthetics. Put that in mind, and you realize you are remaining with a few options of car manufacturers.

For instance, GAC MOTOR is now renowned for having car models with the best safety features. All their vehicles undergo about 4 million miles of rigorous testing to ensure they can keep up with wear and tear whenever they hit the road. The carmaker has cemented its position as the only chines car automaker  to have eight consistent  J.D.Power IQS  awards starting from 2013 to 2020.

Coming on the 3-row SUV, GAC MOTOR has the GS8 in place. This model came out number 1 for three years as a vehicle with the highest retention rates. Currently, they have the All New GS8, which is an advancement of the former GS8. The 3-row SUV has 400nm torque capabilities, a 248kw and a fuel economy of 12.5L per every 100 km.