Top Medical Universities in China AT Low Fees

There are many universities in China where you can apply for admission, but it can be difficult to choose one that is right for you. We have provided you with a list of the Top Medical Universities in China to make it simple. Look at them and decide which one would be the greatest option for you. All of these universities have excellent facilities and illustrious histories.

The Medical College of Shantou University (SUMC):

The SUMC is located in Shantou, a tranquil coastal city in Guangdong province. The majority of Chinese universities require six years of study, with a five-year course and a one-year internship requirement. The 1-year internship is a requirement for the Chinese MBBS program, making the overall length of the course 6 years. After six years, the degree is only given out. September is the month that the batches begin. 

Students who seek admission must apply by the middle of July; after that, the application is closed and users must wait another year. The annual cost of tuition for the MBBS program is $6,186 USD. Scholarships are also given to students who did very well in their 10+2 examinations. The institution is split into two campuses, one where students take theoretical classes and the other where they learn about practicals. By maintaining this separation, the institution is able to keep students of different years apart.

the medical school of Zhejiang University

This university is located in Hangzhou, one of China’s top tourist destinations. The MBBS program is offered to students by the School of Medicine. This university is well-known worldwide and has produced some of the best doctors in the country and the entire world. Additionally, this university requires students to dedicate 6 years in order to graduate. The distribution looks like this:

For pre-med, one year

Pre-clinical: two years

a three-year clinic

1 year of internship under the doctors’ supervision

The tuition cost for students is 6,619 USD per year. The Chinese government offers scholarships to exceptionally gifted students who did very well in their 10+2 exams.

Fudan University’s Shanghai Medical College (SHMC):

A part of Fudan University is this college. One of the oldest and most well-known universities in China, Fudan University has managed to uphold its status. Students must devote six years to finishing their studies at this university, just like they did at the prior two colleges. Before their internship year, students who wish to complete internships in China must pass the HSK 5 exam.

The institution will locate a respectable hospital for you and arrange for you to work as a medical intern there. Students who want to learn how to properly communicate with patients should take the HSK 5 exam. The pupils are instructed before they administer the test. Additionally, they have their own hospitals:

Eye and ENT Hospital at Huadong Hospital

Cancer Center of Shanghai

Clinical Center for Public Health in Shanghai

11,598 USD are required from students as tuition. A scholarship may also be available to the students based on their prior academic success. There are some unique requirements, such as the need for an English degree before applying for admission to this university.

University of Capital Medicine (CCMU):

Beijing, the capital city of China, is home to Capital Medical University. One of the institutions in the globe where students can acquire the top faculty from other nations as well as the most cutting-edge equipment. There are 14 hospitals that are linked with this university, and students are welcome to intern at any of them. CCMU is well known for its research efforts in the development of Chinese and other medicines. Due to their student exchange program, students have the chance to complete internships in 20 various nations while they are studying here.

The cost for students to attend is 7,732 USD per year. All the services they offer to the students are worth this fee. The greatest in medical education is provided to students thanks to a cutting-edge campus and top-notch labs.

The last school on the list, but not the last medical school in China, Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) is one of the top places to pursue an MBBS. Students must spend six years in this school in order to earn their degree. They may complete their internship at the Liaoning Medical University-associated hospital. Students must apply before the month of August because classes don’t start until September. At the time of admission, they want the applicant to be in good physical and mental health. In light of everything they offer, the 5,412 USD in fees they charge every year are not excessive. Students that excel academically may also be eligible for scholarships.