Top 15 Safest Countries in the World: Peacefully

These days when crime is rising with a positive graph in that world, some nations are providing their tourists safety with their complex and strict laws. So, to understand which is the safest place in the world, Global Peace Index (GPI) has some factors to judge it but it is not that easy to accomplish these factors. Now let’s take a look at the list of some countries which are best to visit to travel and retain your peace of mind. 

Iceland –  

With a Global Peace Index score of 1.107 and ranked at level 1 with the U.S. Department of State, if you want to visit May to mid-June is the best time to visit Iceland for optimal views of the Northern Lights and smaller crowds.

New Zealand – 

Being the second-most tranquil and secure nation in the world, New Zealand is a great choice for security-conscious tourists looking for unrivalled natural beauty. Having a low-risk level 1 GPI score overall of 1.269 and with the U.S. For Australian Visa Click Here

Ireland – 

With a GPI score of 1.288, Ireland ranks third among the safest nations to go to right now. You’ll feel safe and secure visiting any time of the year, but for a top-notch Lrish experience, go during the best time to visit Ireland from June through August.  

Denmark – 

Because Danes take great satisfaction in their honesty and dependability, especially transparent policies and uncorrupted commercial practises, they move up to position 4 in the world in 1.296. Also, another reason for this is the tuition-free higher education and healthcare with no hidden costs. 

Austria –

Austria ranks fifth on the list, receiving a level 1 safety rating and a GPI score of 1.3. You can visit snow-capped mountains against lush green backdrops also you will see an amazing “ Sound of Music”. 

Portugal – 

For travelers who want to seek a country with rich history and safe conditions with low crime rates and is on the list of 5 with a score of 1.301  by the U.S. Department Of State, 

Slovenia – 

obtaining a GPI rating of 1.316 and taking the seventh spot on our list of the safest nations to go to. It then focused on safety and sustainability, now boasting near-excellent scores in travel security, medical risks, and road safety.

Czech Republic – 

The Czech Republic recently diminished crime rates. The country boasts highly professional services, especially with clean and efficient hospitals far ahead of those. 

Singapore – 

The country is the ninth country on the list Singaporeans also reported the highest sense of personal security and positive experiences with law enforcement in 2018. 

Japan – 

Japan comes in tenth place in the term of security and peace and it is the 14th time in a row that Japan comes in the 10th position and it is because of the minimal internal conflicts and political unrest. 

Switzerland – 

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the and this country was not able to make its place in the top 10 but still one of the best places to visit without any doubt.

Canada – 

Because of the country’s multiculturalism since 1971 that honors and protects diversity with an immense state. Canada, a NATO member, is a strong advocate for world peace. 


A sensible country puts the safety of residents and tourists first and foremost. Petty Crimes like pick-pocketing the Budapest, tricks played by restaurants and taxi drivers. 

Finland –

Given Finland’s small population of 5.54 million, it is challenging to locate criminally inclined people. The country overall low crime rate, but has a crime- phenomenon involving drones and rising cybercrime. 

Croatia – 

One of the safest countries in the world ranks last 15 out of 163, according to GPI. Kids play outside with parental supervision and public transport is safe for teens to take alone.
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