The rising trend of disposable vapes

The rising trend of disposable vapes has become a major issue in today’s society. Our world is developing really fast and everyone is trying to keep up with the changes. In the olden days, people used to smoke cigarettes which were harmful to health and many people got addicted by this.

As time passed by more harmful products have been developed that our new generation has gotten really attracted to. One of them is e-cigarettes or vapes. Although these vapes contain nicotine and are harmful to health they are still being bought and used by people all over the world and are getting really popular.

There are a few reasons for the rise of vapes in Karachi one of them is that people are trying to switch from cigarettes to vapes. People that are addicted to cigarettes have been trying to get over their addiction for a long time but now these vapes are helping people get rid of cigarettes. Even though vapes contain nicotine and you can get addicted to Esco bar disposable vapes people still think it’s a better alternative to cigarettes. This might not be true but this is what people are believing nowadays.

Another reason for the rise of disposable vapes in the younger generation is that they want to fit in. When they see all their friends vaping they want to join in because it looks fun. They get attracted by vaping, the different flavors, and the cool designs that they immediately want to join in on vaping not knowing the harmful consequences. Even some famous singers vape like doja cat and she has a big fan following of the younger generation. Her fans get attracted by their idol vaping and want to try it too.

The main reason for the rise in vaping is that people get addicted to it after they try it and they keep buying new vapes and new flavors for it. It is harmful to everyone and in my opinion, it is no better than a cigarette. The people that get addicted to vaping should ask for help from their friends or try to overcome their addiction by themselves.

There are so many shops in Karachi that sell vapes to everyone. The sellers just think of it as their business but it is harmful to people’s health. The internet is the root cause of this issue because everyone is posting videos of them vaping which is attracting the younger generation to try vaping. There are so many online websites that are selling vapes to people of any age.

There are so many different types of vapes like Voltbar Disposable Vape which are equivalent to 12.5 packs of cigarettes and contain nicotine. What makes them so attractive is their wide range of flavors. These disposable vapes contain 2500 puffs. What makes them somewhat are beneficial is that they are disposable and can not last a long time for someone to am get addicted. Regardless it is still harmful to health.

Vaping has some severe health risks. I have notified a few people trying to spread awareness about the health risks. It can cause damage to the lungs and cause breathing problems. It might not cause any problems in the beginning but in the long term it will have so many negative impacts on your life.

I recommend everyone to try and quit vaping as soon as they can because it is not a good habit for anyone to have. They should focus on their health exercise, hydrate, and stay focused on their goal. If someone is having a hard time with their addiction they can seek help from websites that are helping people overcome their addictions.

What we can do to make a difference is spread were awareness about the health risks of vaping on social media and other platforms. This should be discussed in universities and colleges as most of students being are highly addicted to vaping. Furthermore, vape sellers should put an age restriction on their products. Vapes should not be sold to anyone are who is under 18. I hope in the future there are better restrictions by the government on products that are damaging people’s health.