The Importance of Shop Fitting in Dundee

Dundee has undergone a major transformation over the last 10 years with a huge focus on waterfront regeneration. A high-profile opening of the Victoria & Albert Museum has helped put Dundee on the cultural map.

A professional shopfitter can help you create a store that will stand out from the competition. They can provide bespoke designs and manufacture exclusive cabinetry. They can also assist you with brand identity and customer relationships.

Well-designed display areas

In order to win customers, it is important that a retail outlet has well-designed display areas. These areas should be designed to accommodate the specific merchandise of a store, and they should also be flexible enough to allow for the display of new products as they are received. This way, a business can avoid having to rearrange the entire store when they receive new stock.

In addition, it is also important that a store has well-designed navigation. This way, customers can move around the store without getting lost or wasting time. This will improve the overall shopping experience and help a business to retain its customers.

Besides commercial shopfitting, Allstar Joinery also provides bespoke commercial joinery projects in Dundee, including full trade fit-outs and hotel refurbishments. Shop fitting Dundee provides everything from bespoke design and commercial manufacture to project management, installation, and bespoke furniture. In fact, they have completed a wide range of bespoke commercial joinery and shopfitting projects for clients across Scotland. These projects have included high-end bars, hotels, and restaurants. Their team has the experience to handle any project size or complexity.

Easy to navigate

A well-designed and easy to navigate store is the best way to make your customers enjoy their shopping experience. Shop Fitting Dundee in Dundee can help you with this by creating a layout that is simple and effective. They can also help you to select the right lighting, colours, and other features that will create a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. Henson Projects offers a wide range of services including commercial joinery, bespoke design and commercial manufacturing. They can also deal with all aspects of your commercial fit-out project, from planning permissions to fire health and safety checks. This means you can focus on your day-job while they take care of the rest.


As shoppers move towards online shopping, businesses need to think about how to entice people through their doors. One way is to use attractive and innovative shop fittings. Professional shop fittings Scotland can help you create a space that is a visual billboard for your brand.

They can also help you choose the right furniture and display equipment for your store. Their knowledge of the latest design trends will ensure that your shop is modern, fresh and appealing to customers. In addition, they can help you develop a retail strategy that will ensure the success of your business.

The Shop Fitting Dundee cycle begins with a survey and measurement of the available space. This is followed by a preparation of the design, which is then submitted to the client for approval. Some clients may prefer to have their own design drawings prepared by an independent interior designer. Once the designs are approved, the shop fitter arranges for the purchase of standard equipment and merchandise and production of bespoke furniture. They then deliver and physically install the products until the shop is ready for daily operation.

Located at Dundee, Scotland DD3 8SH, Bentleys Shopfitting Limited is a registered company (No SC107171). It operates in the manufacture of office and shop furniture sector. Its largest shareholder is bentleys holdings ltd with a 100% stake.

Founded in October 1987, the company has a current turnover of £7m and has an impressive list of clients. This includes major banks, bookmakers and leisure operators. Its management has also recently been changed with contract manager Bruce Donnachie and his wife Gordana acquiring the company from the shareholders Frank Ward and Kevin Knox for a seven-figure sum.

Easy to maintain

It’s a well-known fact that successful stores are those that provide a pleasant experience for their customers. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including creating an attractive storefront and providing easy-to-navigate merchandise. In addition, retailers must ensure that their displays are attractive and well-maintained at all times. However, maintaining a store’s display area isn’t an easy task. Many factors must be taken into consideration, including the location of fixtures and the amount of space available.

A good shopfitting company will also take care of all the details of your new retail environment, including planning permissions and fire health and safety checks. This will allow you to focus on your business while a professional team builds your new commercial space.

In a competitive market, it’s important to have an excellent retail space that will attract shoppers. This is why many retail outlets opt to use bespoke commercial Shop Fitting Dundee. These services will not only increase sales, but they’ll also help you build your brand identity. The service will also save you time and money in the long run.