The Essence of Luxury: How Designer Jewelry Different from Commercial Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

What Is The Difference Between Commercial Jewelry And Designer Jewelry? Any department shop you enter will have cases stuffed with commercial jewelry. The same may be said for malls that have three or more jewelry businesses. However, if you enter a gallery or a free-standing jewelry shop, you will see something very different: “designer jewelry.” … Read more

Meaning Of Larimer & What Are The Healing Properties Associated With It?

larimar Jewelry

The Larimer with its light blue,light green & turquoise blue & turquoise green have a varied shades of hues.this spacious shiny stone comes from the sea the reason it’s said as Blue stone. Larimer is the rare & the new gemstone in the world of jewlery & design.that was recognized in 1974, blue-pectolite was found … Read more