Study MBBS in China’s Top Medical Universities

Eligibility criteria, limited places, tough entrance exams, and the high cost of medical education make Pakistani students prefer to study MBBS abroad. There are 200 PMC-accredited medical colleges worldwide, out of which Pakistani students prefer China for MBBS admission primarily because of its proximity and secondly because of the option to choose from 45 PMC-accredited medical colleges in China. According to statistics, 10,000 international students choose to Study MBBS in China every year.

The history of Chinese medicine dates back to the second century BC and has had a good influence on modern medical practice. By choosing to study MBBS in China, you will have the opportunity to experience the splendor of Chinese medicine and its practices.

Healthcare in China:

There are public and private healthcare institutions in China. If medical assistance is required, Pakistani MBBS students should choose private medical institutions for faster medical solutions. In case of complex medical issues, advises Pakistani students to go home for treatment and return to China in the best health.

Common illnesses in China are diarrhea, fever, and cough-cold.

Statistics for Pakistani students:

There are currently about 8,000 Pakistani students studying MBBS in China.

The statistics of the top 5 countries from where international students come to China to study MBBS are as follows






MBBS in China

Upon successful completion of medical courses and exams, the best and lowest paying Chinese medical schools offer globally recognized MBBS degrees accredited by many international organizations, thus qualifying students to sit for different medical licensing exams. China’s medical schools offer students a practice-oriented curriculum taught by world-renowned professors and guest lecturers in a liberal environment. The Chinese Ministry of Education places a high priority on a structured academic model and uses exams only to push for it. Students who successfully enter a medical school in China are exposed to webinars, seminars, lectures, field trips, hands-on learning, laboratory sessions and theoretical knowledge, all of which provide an excellent foundation for a lifelong medical career.

Degrees awarded Doctor of Medicine

(equivalent to MBBS in Pakistan)

Entry time September/October

Course duration 6 years

Entrance requirements: Pass MDCAT; 50% in the final exams of grade 12 (compulsory in science)

17-25 years old

English Language of Instruction

Salary structure PKR 2.50-8 million/year

Living costs vary by student

Accommodation University Hostel

Medical University, China recognized by PMC, WHO, FAIMER, UNESCO, Pakistan Ministry of Education

Duration of MBBS course in China:

The duration of the entire MBBS program in China is 6 years (5 years of classroom training + 1 year of clinical rotation/internship).

Some PMC-approved Chinese medical schools offer the option of conducting a 48-week medical internship program in their home country, while for some of China’s top medical universities, the internship program must be completed at their affiliated hospitals.

Language of instruction for MBBS in China:

All 45 PMC-approved medical schools in China are approved and authorized to offer MBBS courses in English. In fact, conducting a bilingual MBBS degree program in China is strictly prohibited. Therefore, Pakistani students, as well as international students who have successfully studied MBBS in China with the help of, are enrolled in top medical schools in China with the help of the best educational consultants in Pakistan to study the entire MBBS program in English only.

MBBS Fees in China:

The annual fees for top medical schools in China range from 250,000 to 800,000 Pakistani Rupees. In Pakistani rupees, the total MBBS cost in China for 6 years is about Rs. 200,000.

As for other international destinations, the fee structure in the list of top 10 medical schools in China is systematic, affordable, and reasonable given the high-quality infrastructure, educational standards, and placement opportunities.

When calculating and trying to understand the cost of MBBS programs in China, parents should take into account hostel, food, travel, pocket money, and other miscellaneous expenses other than MBBS fees in China.

We help students take advantage of the best MBBS education loans in China so that they can comfortably achieve their dreams without having to worry about MBBS fees in China. Moreover, the Chinese government offers more than 40,000 scholarships for outstanding international students and helps you make your choice and get the privilege to pay for your MBBS fees in China.

The cost of studying in China also includes the following expenses

Student visa

Health and insurance costs

Living expenses in China


Emergency expenses, the fastest-growing overseas education consultant in Pakistan, helps parents and students get the best student loans to study MBBS in China for as long as they want. Students with high scores are eligible for scholarships to cover their medical school costs in China.

To discuss MBBS costs in China further, contact the team.

The monthly cost of living as a healthy student in China (in addition to hostel fees):

Paper and books PKR 3,300

Utilities PKR 7400

Personal expenses PKR 5060

Food, excursions, and trips PKR 8400

Clothing PKR 4096

Monthly transportation expenses PKR 3410

PKR 30,000 – PKR 35,000

Accommodation arrangements for Pakistani MBBS students in China:

It is not uncommon for students and their parents to feel uneasy about the hostel and food facilities when planning to study MBBS abroad. There is no need to worry, as all MBBS schools in China offer hostel facilities and food services.

The usual hostel facilities for Pakistani students studying MBBS in China are as follows:

Clean, airy rooms with toilets

Choice of single or shared rooms

Fast wireless internet

Minimal furniture such as beds, side tables, and study tables for each student

Facilities such as heating (in winter), geyser, computer room

Healthy food available in the cafeteria

Ability to cook your own food in the shared kitchen

24/7 electricity, water, security, and CCTV surveillance

Laundry and domestic help available for a fee

Ability to cook your own food in the shared kitchen

Recreational facilities

Central heating and air conditioning

Strict hostel hours and rules

Choice of Pakistani food

Separate hostels for boys and girls

Please note that hostel fees are not included in the tuition of the best MBBS schools in China. Students are only entitled to hostel benefits if they have completed the hostel fee and hostel check-in procedures with the help of

Admission to MBBS in China:

Normally MBBS courses at top medical universities in China begin in September. The two mandatory vacations are summer vacation (July-August) and winter vacation (January-February).

Pakistani prospective students should apply to top medical universities in China by the end of July and are advised to – the fastest-growing international education consultancy in Pakistan.

February Application Date

Application deadline June/July

Visa approval date August/September

Start of new session September/October

Courses offered by Chinese medical universities

Upon completion of the 6-year MBBS course in China, international students receive a Bachelor of Medicine (BMED) certificate from the government. This is equivalent to the MBBS degree in Pakistan.


First-Year MBBS Curriculum in China

Semester 1 Semester 2

Medical Terminology Histology and Embryology

Systems Anatomy Cell Biology

Basic Regional Anatomy Applied to Informatics

Medicinal Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Curriculum for the second year of MBBS in China

First trimester Second trimester

Physiology Pathophysiology

Biochemistry Pathoanatomy

Microbiology Parasitology


Third-Year MBBS Syllabus in China

First trimester Second trimester

Pharmacology Diagnostics

Health Statistics Radiology

Preventive Medicine Surgery I (General)

Epidemiology Forensic Medicine

Traditional Medicine     

Traditional Chinese Medicine     

Fourth-Year MBBS Syllabus in China

First four-month term Second four-month term

Internal Medicine Pediatrics

Surgery II (systemic) Neurology

Obstetrics and Gynecology Psychiatry






              Emergency Medicine

Syllabus of the fifth MBBS course in China

First four-month term Second four-month term

Internal Medicine Surgery

Pediatrics Gynecology and Obstetrics

Infectious Diseases Internship Test

The above MBBS curriculum in the top 10 English-speaking medical universities in China and other universities at the same time prepares Pakistani students for the FMGE – PMC selection test. The faculties of MBBS programs in China train students for major international medical selection tests like PLAB and USMLE.

BMED students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in China should invest 3 years of training in top medical universities in China.