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how to do seo for new website step-by-step benefits of digital marketing

In this blog, I will tell you about WordPress, how to write a blog on it, how you can check comments on it, when will you know that our website is getting good traffic now? We have made our website earn banana seeds and other money and will give information about the salary

Start a money making blog using WordPress

1= find a profitable niche

2= Domain& hosting (most important)

3= setup blog ( simple clicks setup)

4= Adding Google analytics and search console

5= monetisation (Google adsense/affiliate)

6= will you start making money know?

7= what to do next

Find a profitable niche

What is Nash, how to find it, all these questions must be in your mind
Nash is a topic you want to work on or are deciding to work on. A person wants to work on a health center and technical. Want to make a site or want to make a download site so I am saying this to those who are new people. If you give your time here, you will be able to create a successful blog and it will only be something that you are interested in, so you guys should choose the topic or niche that you like because it It’s a big journey if you get tired half way then all the hard work will be lost so grab a nash and keep having fun until you succeed.

Domain& hosting (most important)

After that comes domain and hosting and this is the most important task for a blogger. Understand that the most important thing in blogging is to get a domain and hosting, in which many bloggers think that which platform is good and which is not, so whenever you get a domain hosting, get better. And this work is very important for a beginner, so always have a good platform. I will tell you about hostenger. Because it is very good and cheap platform. And it gives you hosting for 36,37 dollars. That too for one year and it gives you domain absolutely free. And it is for one year. And it also provides SSL. Which is great. And another feature of it is that it can give you more than hundred domains to connect with its hosting. From which you are your second
With Nash, you can think of a good domain name to pair with your hosting and drive more traffic to your website.

Setup blog ( simple clicks setup)

After that, how do we get set up? Once you’ve got the domain and hosting and have WordPress installed on it, we’ll move on to how we can post to our website and the rest of the setup. Let me tell you how to do that first go to your website dashboard and go there and have a look and on one side you will find post, page and comment buttons and an important button will also be found.


First you of this appearance. Click on the button and you will find all the things you can change the name of your site and below those buttons you will find the theme button to customize your website. can change the theme and that too without any coding.


What role does page play in our blog site? Page plays an important role in our site. With its help, we create a contact page on the site, create a privacy page and other important pages that are important in monetization of the site. Play the role.


It plays an important role in the comment section whenever someone comes to your site and reads your blog they give their opinion in the comment that this important work you mentioned and lack etc.


Before writing a post, check the main heading of the topic you are writing about, how much it is in demand on Google and how much traffic it receives. Then start writing your post and place the photons where needed and then your post is ready to publish.


It plays an important role in our website that you can install any plugin you need in your website by going to simple plugin option without any coding required.

Adding Google analytics and search console

Now a question comes in our mind that we have done the post but how will we know if any visitor has come to our post or not we have to install a simple plugin called site. By installing it you can check daily traffic on your website and see from which country the traffic is coming to our site and how much is the traffic today and how much is the week. And the special thing about it is that it is completely free, you don’t have to pay any money for it.

Monetization (Google adsense /affiliate)

When you feel that your post is getting good traffic and your post is coming as per your schedule, then you can apply for AdSense and once you get the offer, you start earning money.

Will you start making money know?

Now we have also posted and installed the search console in our website and we have also got the approval of Google AdSense, now we will not have any chance to earn money. Get it if you want to succeed in it then you have to be patient for a long time and work daily then you can succeed in it.

what to do next?

After that, what should we do? You don’t have to do anything. You just have to keep posting what you think in two days or three days and post your post etc. on social media. You have to keep posting on the media, keep doing all these things, keep doing it and one day you will become a successful blogger.

If you want to know about something in this post, you can know by commenting and if you need information, tell us and we will tell you about it. and etc.