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in this blog i will tell you what is Blogger? how to write a blog on blogger. and i will tell you blogger is best or not for us.

Why you wish to manufacture a journal and be a vicinity of the blogging community

So below, I’m aiming to define specifically what you’d choose to attempt to to to induce started and commenced your own personal journal. Before we’ve a bent to tend to dive in although, i actually wish to speak relating to WHY you wish to make a journal.

Note: If you have already got a solid organize of the whys, then skip this and go right ahead with the guide.

Blogging has quickly become one in all the foremost well-liked ways in which during which of act and spreading data and news. There are actually numerous blogs on-line (don’t worry, you’ll turn out yours stand out and notice noticed!).
It’s a beautiful because of categorical yourself associated put together an out of this world because of share data with others.
You become a loads of robust person and a loads of robust author.
The best reason? you’ll turn out cash doing it!
I bet you already knew all of that, however it’s nice to be reminded.

One previous issue before we’ve a bent to tend to induce started:

Creating your own journal will take alittle quantity whereas, probably up to unit of your time. thus grab yourself a occasional or juice (whatever you fancy) and let’s mire in. If you need many facilitate throughout the set-up methodology, get entangled with American state here and I’ll facilitate as best able to|i’ll} be able to and answer any queries you will have).

Disclosure: This guide to beginning your own journal contains some affiliate links. If you get any service through one in all these links i’m aiming to earn alittle commission, this might be at no extra worth to you.

  1. Decide What type of journal to begin out out
    The first step in making a money-making journal for your very little business is deciding what you’ll write. you’ll have already got an honest organize of what your blog’s content ought to target, however you furthermore might have to choose a certain section that gives true earning potential.

One way to ascertain whether or not or not or not your chosen topic has Associate in Nursing audience sufficiently big to induce revenue is to use keyword analysis tools like Semrush. Its Keyword define and Keyword Magic tools show what type of monthly traffic your topic will generate. Plus, they verify the foremost effective keywords to use to drive traffic to your information processing system.

Also, take the time to make an accurate journal business prepare that addresses the foremost crucial steps on your business blog-building journey. Your prepare can define your niche audience, assist you identify competitive websites and marketplace opportunities, outline your content and proof methods, and permit you to develop associate comprehensive inure promoting your business journal.


Blogger is one in all the oldest free journal sites, although its quality has swaybacked in recent years.

It’s a primary resolution for private blogs, however it’s not the foremost effective resource for skilled use. It works rather similar to the other hosted platforms: you’d choose to build Associate in Nursing account initial so on use it. once you manufacture it (which is simple), you have ought to select one in all the default themes and you’ll begin writing your thoughts down. This platform has Associate in Nursing interface quite type of a Google+ profile and to boot the editor seems like a Word page.

Blogger delivers a bunch of themes to create a call on from, every providing all utterly totally different skins, advanced color filtering, and varied minimalist gadgets (aka widgets). however nothing too fancy or any advanced vogue customization. In general, Blogger has simple look alternatives, that the main focus stays any on the writing zero.5. a nice 0.5 relating to this information processing system is that it comes with ad areas simply} just will place among your content things.

Write your journal pages

Though you’re beginning a journal and not a static pc, you’ll still need a range of pages that don’t modification. (“Pages” ar all utterly totally different from “posts,” that ar the daily/weekly/monthly entries you publish on your journal.)

Here ar some pages you’ll need to create:


The relating to page is usually touted joined of the most-viewed pages on blogs, thus don’t overlook it. embrace associate skilled headshot and temporary bio, and justify why you’re blogging and why the reader ought to care. What causes you to Associate in Nursing expert? however unit of measurement you ready to facilitate them?

Don’t be afraid to let your temperament shine through; blogging could be a personal affair!


You want your readers to be ready to get entangled with you, right? Then you’ll need a contact page.

It doesn’t have to be compelled to be one issue fancy; simply tell your readers however best to realize you. Avoid putt your full email address on here, as spambots could get ahold of it. to figure around that, you’ll use a contact


It’s your journal, thus flaunt what you’ve got! Show your prospective shoppers and readers simply} just be their time and a spotlight with samples of your past and gift work.

You can see samples of nice author portfolios here; in person, i like Sara Frandina’s.


Do you have an inventory of favorite writing tools? or maybe books that have affected you? Readers love resources pages, and for bloggers, they’ll even be a precise because of earn gain from affiliate sales.
Start here
You probably won’t want this initially, however a “start here” page is wise once you have got a good quantity of content. It’s a beautiful likelihood to specific your mission and highlight your best work, thus your readers will see value} of your journal whereas not walking through months or years worth of posts.