Skin Cancer Melanoma Treatment in India

Melanoma is a skin cancer that grows in the cells (melanocytes) that create melanin. Melanoma can also develop in the eyes and, in infrequent cases, within the body, such as the nose or throat. Although the specific etiology of all melanomas is unknown, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunshine or tanning lights and beds raises your chance of acquiring melanoma. Reducing your exposure to UV light lowers your chance of developing melanoma.

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Melanomas can appear anywhere on the body. They most commonly appear on sun-exposed areas like your back, legs, arms, and face. Melanomas can also develop in locations that are exposed to sunlight, like the soles of your feet, palms of your hands, and fingernail beds. 

In recent years, India has developed as a significant medical tourism destination, providing world-class treatment choices for a fraction of the expense of many Western countries. The low cost of care is one of the major benefits of pursuing melanoma treatment in India. 

Compared to many other nations, the costs for consultations, diagnostic testing, surgery, radiation treatment, medicine, and follow-up care are much lower. The cost advantage is due to variables such as advantageous currency exchange rates, cheaper infrastructure expenses, and competitive pricing techniques used by Indian healthcare providers. Skin cancer melanoma treatment cost in India is Rs.155400 to Rs.207200. The cost for International patients is between USD 3150 to USD 3850.

What are the Symptoms of Melanoma?

Melanomas can appear anywhere on the body. They most commonly appear on sun-exposed areas like your back, legs, arms, and face. People who have deeper skin tones are more likely to have these concealed melanomas.

The following are frequently the initial melanoma signs and symptoms:

  • A modification to an existing mole
  • The appearance of a new pigmented or odd growth on your skin.
  • Melanoma does not usually start out as a mole. It can also arise on otherwise normal-looking skin.

What are the Factors Influencing the Cost of Melanoma?

Skin cancer melanoma cost in India depends on various factors such as: 

  • Melanoma Stage: The stage of melanoma is important in deciding the treatment technique and cost. Early-stage melanoma treatment, such as surgery or localized radiation therapy, is often less expensive than advanced-stage melanoma treatment, which requires more intensive treatments such as immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or combination therapies.
  • Treatment Modalities: The precise melanoma treatment modalities chosen might have an influence on the cost. The prices of various treatment methods vary, including surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or chemotherapy. Moreover, newer and more complex treatment techniques or tailored medicines may be more expensive.
  • Diagnostic test: Diagnostic investigations, including biopsies, imaging studies (such as CT scans or PET scans), and molecular testing, are critical for accurate melanoma diagnosis and staging. These tests can be expensive.
  • Hospital and Surgeons experience: The cost can be influenced by the hospital chosen as well as the skill of the treating surgeon. Famous hospitals and clinics with expert oncologists and dermatologists may demand greater rates. Highly trained surgeons or melanoma treatment experts may also charge a higher consultation or surgery price.
  • Medications: The cost of melanoma drugs might vary greatly. This comprises pharmaceuticals for targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and supportive medications for adverse effects. The therapy length and the type of pharmaceuticals provided can have an effect on overall medication expenditures.

The best hospitals in India for melanoma treatment are:

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: Tata Memorial Hospital is an internationally known cancer treatment and research facility in India. It contains a melanoma treatment center and offers complete care to patients. The facility has cutting-edge technology, innovative treatment choices, and a diverse staff of qualified oncologists, dermatologists, and surgeons.
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurgaon: FMRI is a premier multi-specialty hospital noted for its cutting-edge technology and competence in a variety of medical specialties, including cancer. The hospital includes a dedicated dermatology department and provides extensive melanoma treatment options. FMRI’s team of professionals uses a comprehensive approach to give patients tailored care.
  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai: Apollo Hospitals is one of Asia’s leading healthcare providers, with a network of hospitals spread across the country. The hospital group offers a well-known dermatology department specializing in diagnosing and treating skin disorders such as melanoma. They offer cutting-edge therapies, cutting-edge facilities, and customized care to melanoma patients.
  • Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore: CMC is a prestigious medical facility noted for providing exceptional healthcare services. The hospital features a well-established dermatology department that provides comprehensive melanoma therapy. CMC’s expert dermatologists and oncologists use innovative procedures and a multidisciplinary approach to offer patients the best possible treatment.


Melanoma therapy in India offers an appealing combination of economy and high-quality care. Patients may get world-class medical care at considerably cheaper costs than in many other nations without sacrificing treatment quality. Melanoma treatment in India is an accessible and cost-effective choice for individuals seeking efficient management of this hard illness due to the clear pricing, excellent healthcare infrastructure, availability of trained experts, and extensive support services. Individuals might begin their fight against melanoma by picking India for treatment.