Ranking Every Power Type Character In Street Fighter 6

These powerful moves in Street Fighter 6 are great for players who want to hurt their opponents a lot.

Fighting games require players to use both their brains and their muscles on the stage. They have to outsmart their opponents and hit them hard when the chance arises. Even though it’s important to train your brain, it doesn’t hurt to bring some extra muscle to the fight.

The Power type fighters in Street Fighter 6 do just that. They give people who play them a lot of damage, a lot of chances to beat their opponents, and the chance to make their opponents afraid. Street Fighter 6 already does a lot of damage compared to the other games in the series, so players who want to win rounds quickly with cool patience, hard reads, and brute force should take the time to learn these characters.


In Street Fighter 6, Ryu, the “grandfather” of grapplers, is back to command grab opponents into nothingness and win fights with just a few hard reads. Zangief’s whole strategy is based on hitting his famous Screw Piledriver, which is a command grab with a long range and lightning-fast speed that does a lot of damage, especially if the OD version is used. So, players can use moves like Crouching Light Punch to set up tick throws by making the opponent block. Which leaves them open to a Screw Piledriver.

If someone jumps to avoid Screw Piledriver, Zangief can jump along with them and use Borscht Dynamite to grab them out of the air. On a very hard read, he can also use his Aerial Russian Slam Super Art to make their health bar go down by a lot. Both give okizeme a good way to start his strike/throw loops again.

Even though Zangief can be hard to beat with fireballs or long pokes that make up for his slow speed. He can grab Siberian Express with Drive Parry, Drive Rush, or his armoured running command. So, he can quickly close the space between them and get to his best close range.

E. Honda

Sumo, the mixed grappler, comes to Street Fighter 6 with some new moves and all of his old ones. His signature move, the Hundred Hands Slap, does a lot of damage when it hits. And his best moves, like the Standing Medium Punch, can be turned into it. The OD form does more damage and is also safer to block.

Honda’s new Sumo Spirit special move is an install that makes Hundred Hand Slap stronger the next time. It is used by giving it an extra downward chop at the end, which lets Honda combo afterward. Drive Mad players should usually link his Crouching Light Punch to his enhanced Hands, since his Crouching Light Punch can chain into either his Light Hands or his OD Hands for more damage and better okizeme.

Honda can put the pressure on his opponent by moving towards him with his charge moves Sumo Headbutt and Sumo Smash. All forms of Headbutt are safe on block because they push back, and they can’t be hurt by air attacks. So it’s his best way to defend against attacks from above. Sumo Smash can help Honda fly over fireballs and pokes so he can hit and throw at the same time. His Oicho Throw command grab works great here because it is fast and does a lot of damage. It can also be used when Honda is in neutral and his opponent is close enough to block his Headbutt.


The resident brawler archetype in Street Fighter 6 is a very powerful fighter who can wipe out an opponent’s life in just a few hits. This is because of three unique things about her that make her almost impossible to stop. Most of Marisa’s heavy attacks and specials give her super armour and frame edge, so she can power through pokes without being stopped. Many of her special attacks, like Gladius and Phalanx, break opponents’ armour, making Drive Impact useless. Last but not least, all of her Heavy attacks can be charged to do more damage and change their timing in surprising ways.

Marisa also has a number of built-in target combos, such as Standing Heavy Punch>Standing Heavy Punch and Standing Light Punch>Standing Light Punch. Most of the time, you can turn these into special moves to confirm them or break armour. Gladius, Phalanx, and Dimachaerus all end combos with a lot of power and can be used to carry in corners. The OD version of Phalanx even makes the ground bounce and lets combos continue in the corner. Scutum is an armoured parry that can be used right away and can be followed up with a punch, kick, or command grab. This punishes opponents who use moves that are risky or easy to respond to.


Only Ryu has been in more Street Fighter games than the bold shoto, and this time he brings the heat. Ken’s style of play is based on not giving his opponent a chance to breathe. He does this by applying pressure and switching things up over and over to smother their defence. Ken is a master at getting his opponent into the corner. He does this by locking them in the corner with moves like Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (especially its OD version) or Dragonlash Kick.

Ken’s signature move, the Shoryuken, is still a very important part of his arsenal. He uses it to end most of his combos for high damage or as a very effective anti-air move. His Standing Medium Punch>Standing Heavy Punch target combo is one of his most important moves. It connects to his Crouching Light Punch, which is a fast, far-reaching poke. And puts the opponent in a juggle state, which lets him combo into Tatsumaki Senpukyaku or Shoryuken. If nothing else works, he can end the fight with a low, overhead, or high damage finisher after a Jinrai Kick. His command dash can be used to quickly hit and throw opponents who are trying to block.


Manon, a new character in Street Fighter 6, is one of the most dangerous grapplers Street Fighter has ever seen. She is right up there with Zangief. Her Renversé is a high-damage command grab that works as a hitgrab. This means that her Standing Medium Punch or Standing Medium Kick can be used to cancel into it. Manège Doré is her other command grab. It has a big range and starts up quickly, making it dangerous for opponents to stand near Manon.

Her unique Medal Level feature affects both of her command grabs. It goes up when she lands either grab, and each level makes both grabs do a lot more damage. These Medals stay with you between rounds. So if Manon is given a chance to raise her Medal Level, she can essentially snowball an entire match. Also, when she hits or blocks with her Standing Heavy Punch>Standing Heavy Punch target combo, the opponent moves towards her. This makes it a 50/50 chance for a hit or order grab right away. And the opponent has to guess right or take a lot of damage.