Ways To Promote An Event With Instagram & Twitter

Promote an event: Organizing and promoting an event can be quite a daunting task. It’s important to explore every avenue for marketing it – from traditional advertising methods to more modern tactics like utilizing social media platforms.

In this day and age, one of the most effective ways to promote an event is to create an Instagram & Twitter Wall. These walls are great to engage with attendees and allow them to share their experiences on your event hashtag

They draw attention to the event, letting you reach a larger audience engagingly, and allowing potential attendees to find out more information about what’s happening at your event.

So, how can you use an Instagram & Twitter wall to promote your event? Here are ten ways for using an Instagram & Twitter wall to make your event stand out from the crowd:

Why use an Instagram & Twitter wall to promote your event?

People are visual. And in today’s age of technology, that means we process information best when we can see it. That’s why using an Instagram and Twitter wall to promote your event is such a great idea!

When you use an Instagram and Twitter wall, you’re able to showcase visual content such as images, explainer videos, motion graphics, and tweets from your event in real-time. This allows your audience to get a feel for the event as it’s happening, which can help increase interest and excitement levels.

Plus, with over 3.5 billion people using social media every day, it’s no surprise that event planners are increasingly using Instagram and Twitter walls at their events to display real-time content and engage with attendees. 

Not only does this create a more interactive and fun experience for guests, but it also allows you to promote your event to a wider audience beyond those who are in attendance.

Creating a successful event takes more than just planning and organizing. You need to be able to promote the event effectively so that it gets your target audiences’ attention. 

10 Best Practices for Using an Instagram & Twitter Wall

1. Share visual content

People are more likely to be interested in an event if they can see that it looks like it will be fun. Thus, visual content is a powerful tool for engaging followers on Instagram & Twitter wall. 

For example, check out this video by LeadLearnLeap

Make sure to use high-quality visuals like images, video marketing, and gifs that showcase what’s happening at the event and draw attention to key features or highlights. It can help you draw attention to your event even more effectively.

2. Promote your event with Instagram ads

Utilize paid Instagram ads targeting those who are likely interested in attending events like yours – this will increase awareness of the event while also driving more traffic towards both the website hosting details of the event.

It is also best to create promotional content that has stopping power so that the audience wants to see your promotional content. 

You can use 2 types of promotional content with different approaches. After that, you can see what type of promotional content should be used as an advertisement. 

The best types of content that you can make as advertising content such as explainer videos, live videos, FAQ videos, animated commercials, etc.

3. Interact With Your Audience

One great way to get more people interest in your event is by interacting with other users on Instagram and Twitter. Like and comment on other users’ posts, and follow accounts that are relevant to your event. 

Or you can keep track of conversations surrounding your hashtag and interact with users who post about it – thank them for their participation or answer any questions they may have about the event itself.

This will help you get more exposure for your event and it will also show that you’re active online, which will make people more likely to attend your event. Not only that, but you will also build relationships, increasing engagement further still. 

4. Offer giveaways and early bird tickets

If you want people to jump on board with your event, offer giveaways and promote early bird tickets. 

This will give people an incentive to buy tickets sooner rather than later, and it will also help you boost ticket sales overall. People love free stuff, so this is an excellent way to get people interested in your event. Just be sure to choose a prize that’s relevant to your event.

This could include offering free tickets, discounts, merchandise, etc., which will entice people into wanting more information about what’s going on at the event and potentially attending it as well! 

5. Create a trendy event hashtag

Hashtags are an important tool for promoting your event to the right target audiences on social media. 

Hashtags help you track conversations about your event, so make sure to come up with one that’s unique, relevant, popular, and easy to remember. This will make it easier for people to find your wall and posts related to it.

6. Use the catchy caption

The next way to use Instagram and Twitter for marketing campaigns is to create catchy captions because they are the first thing people read from your content. Thus, captions are essential for grabbing people’s attention and making them want to learn more about your event. 

7. Encourage user-generated content

Encourage attendees to share their experiences at your event by reposting user-generated content on the Instagram & Twitter wall.

Ask attendees to post pictures, videos, or quotes related to the event on their accounts, using the hashtag so that they can be featured on the wall as well! 

8. Go behind the scenes of your events

Posting behind-the-scenes footage from events can help generate excitement among potential attendees who may don’t have an opportunity to attend in person yet but are still interested in what’s going on at the venue! 

9. Reach Out to influencers

Using influencers is a great way to boost awareness of the event on social media. You can reach out to influencers and VIPs to participate in conversations about your event by featuring them on the wall or having them post their content under the event hashtag. 

Before reaching out to influencers, you need to make sure that you choose the right influencers who have a sizable audience related to the topic of the event. That way, your campaign will be deliver to the right target audiences of their followers.

10. Analyze Performances

After setting up an Instagram & Twitter wall at an event, monitor and analyze its performance regularly – such as likes, shares, comments, etc. 

This will give you valuable insights into how effective it has been in terms of driving engagement with attendees and overall visibility for the brand/event itself.


When it comes to marketing, events often require creative and unique ways to draw attention and engage potential attendees. Using an Instagram & Twitter wall is a great way to promote events while engaging with audiences in meaningful ways. 

With these ten best practices in mind, you should be able to successfully promote any upcoming events with ease. Plus, you can ensure maximum reach and engagement from potential attendees while providing them with entertaining content during their time at the venue!