Places for Sunset in Kerala Trip from Trivandrum

Kerala, aptly called Gods Own Country, is a land of beauty. A Kerala trip from Trivandrum offers you serene beaches to picturesque hill stations. In Short, Kerala offers a myriad of places to witness these hues of setting sun.

In Kerala, every sunset paints a master piece in the sky. If you are planning a trip from Trivandrum, to Kerala, get ready for charming journey. You can also select ksrtc Kerala tour packages from Trivandrum for your trip. So come and explore the best places to witness the sunset in this coastal heaven.

Table of Contents

1: Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach, at just 16kms away from Trivandrum, is a unique place. The Kolavamm beach is further known for its golden sands and azure waters. It is an ideal spot to witness a charming sunset.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transforms into a stunning canvas. A canvas having vibrant colors, casting an ethereal glow on the Arabian Sea. Find a spot on the beach or settle down at one of beach side shacks. Meanwhile watch natures spectacle unfold before your eyes.

2: Varkala Cliff

Varkala, situated at 50 kms north of Trivandrum, is a coastal town. It is known for its stunning cliffs that overlook the Arabian Sea. The cliff top promenade in Varkala provides an exquisite vantage point to witness the sunset.

Above all, as the sun descends, sky turns into a charming palette of warm hues. It further reflects on the shimmering waters below. The sight of the sun against the backdrop of the cliffs creates a magical ambiance.

3: Poovar Island

Nestled at the southern tip of Kerala, Poovar Island is a hidden gem. It offers a unique blend of backwaters, beaches, and estuaries. As the sun begins its descent, Poovar Island transforms into a heaven of golden hues.

You can further take a boat ride through the serene backwaters. Meanwhile witness the interplay of light and shadow as the sun sets over the waters. The mix of lush greenery, glistening backwaters, and the vibrant sunset creates an idyllic setting. This setting creates charming ambiance for nature lovers and romantics alike.

4: Bekal Fort

Situated in Kasaragod, about 375 kms north of Trivandrum. The Bekal Fort is a great historical building overlooking the Arabian Sea. Apart from its rich heritage, the fort further offers an amazing of the sunset.

You can stand atop the ramparts and witness the golden rays of the setting sun. Meanwhile, casting a warm glow over the Arabian Sea. The position of the fort and sunset creates a magical ambiance that will surprise you.

5: Kanyakumari

Although it is in Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari is a famous region. Further Kanyakumari can be reached from Trivandrum, just around 90 kms away.

It is known as the southern most tip of the Indian sub continent. Above all, it is unique to see the meeting point of three bodies of water.

The Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal meets there. As the sun sets, it paints the sky with colors, meanwhile creating a surreal ambiance. The Thiruvalluvar Statue and Vivekananda Rock Memorial further enhance the charm of this region.

6: Munnar Tea Gardens

At a distance of 280 kms northeast of Trivandrum. The hill station of Munnar is famous for its tea gardens and misty mountains. The tea plantations in Munnar offer a unique and tranquil setting to witness the sunset.

As the sun descends, the tea gardens are bathed in a warm golden glow. This further creates a serene and scenic backdrop. Take a stroll through the tea estates and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Meanwhile, see the sky paints a charming masterpiece.

7: Cherai Beach

At a distance around 280kms north of Trivandrum. The Cherai Beach is a pristine stretch of golden sand and azure waters. It is an ideal spot to unwind and witness the beauty of the setting sun.

As the sun starts its descent, the sky transforms into a vibrant tapestry of colors. It further reflects on the calm waters of the Arabian Sea and create a charm. Above all, Cherai Beach offers a calm and romantic setting, perfect for enjoying serene sunset.


This trip of Kerala presents a chance to witness the beauty of the sunset. The Kerala trip from Trivandrum takes you to the sandy shores of Kovalam Beach.

It further covers the cliff top promenade in Varkala and ancient marvel of Bekal Fort. The journey continues to tea gardens of Munnar, hill station. In short, each spot offers a unique and charming feeling.

Let the magic of the setting sun enchant you as you explore these scenic places. Embrace the peace and revel in the kaleidoscope of colors. Meanwhile, allow the natural beauty of Kerala to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

You may be nature lover, a romantic couple, or a photography lover. These sunset spots in Kerala will surely create memories that will last forever. So, pack your bags to capture these moments. Let the stunning sunsets of Kerala trip from Trivandrum be the backdrop to your journey.