Pixwox: A Privacy-Focused Instagram Viewer

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is a fantastic application to browse Instagram stories, examining the latest updates of people, and then quickly downloading the stories. With it, you’ll quickly locate some of the top stories posted on Instagram as well as save them in your camera roll in only a couple of taps.

It is not only an excellent way to look through Instagram stories, it is extremely useful for downloading videos and photos from updates of other users. By pressing one button, you can save any image or video taken from an Instagram update directly to your device.

If you’re searching for a method to browse Instagram’s stories or an easy method to download videos and images from other people’s posts, it’s the ideal solution.

What Advantages Come With Using Pixwox?

There are many advantages to using Pixwox. A handful of these are discuss in the paragraphs that follow.

If you do not log into or register for your account, you’re permit access to restricted material via the Internet.

If you’d like to look over your partner’s activity history, you can access it using this application.

Pixwox is secure and safe and won’t divulge your personal data.

 It gives you an interactive as well as a nice user interface.

When you look through every profile on Pixwox, nobody knows that you have seen the profile’s post, story reels, or stories. Pixwox is free and you are not require to pay a dime.

How to Download Instagram Videos

If you own an iPhone, downloading Instagram videos is quite simple. Here’s how:

1. Visit the App Store and download Repost for Instagram.

2. Log in to the app and sign into the app using Instagram credentials. Instagram credentials.

3. Look for the post you wish to save on Instagram and click to share it.

4. Choose the Copy Link from the choices that pop up.

5. Open Repost for Instagram and paste the URL into the application.

6. Click Download Video, and then let the process end.

Is using Pixwox secure?

All data gathered from users is secured and encrypted, thus your personal information and activities are kept private. Furthermore, this website doesn’t use ads or tracking cookies to monitor actions. The site also keeps user IP addresses secret and never gives them to third-party websites.

Pixwox provides a safe and secure setting. It is secure to use this website in conjunction with the Instagram Charge Less app. Based on an automated examination of more than 40 sources of data the trust score of this website is high.

Is it Free or Paid?

This is a no-cost platform. You may access all of Instagram’s content and utilize the service for nothing. Additionally, there is no registration or signup needed to access the service.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pixwox application

Like you’ve seen there are numerous benefits of making use of Pixwox however everything comes with its pros and cons too. We found some negatives with this program, which are discuss below:

A number of negative reviews have written about the site.

• On platforms like social media Pixwox isn’t widely known.

* It is brand-new to the sector and has received little attention.

The score of this site ranges from very low to extremely low. It’s possible it’s just a random event however it could be due to inadequate “Know who your customers are” processes at the company that handles domain registration. The trust rating of the website has dropped to a lower level.

Alternatives to Pixwox

Instagram Stories are a brand new feature that Instagram has recently made available. It’s a different way to use Instagram’s initial features, including videos, and photos. It lets users create short videos that could be upload to the platform.


izoomYou is a video sharing and hosting platform that lets users share videos of up to 60 seconds long. izoomYou also comes with users with a range of options like the capability to add captions as well as other features, build collections, and even share the videos with your friends on social networks.


InstaStories is a different version of Instagram Stories that was release in August of 2018. Contrary to Instagram Stories InstaStories doesn’t have any time limits and can be upload live.


Instalkr is a tool that allows you to build and maintain Instagram stories easily. It’s among the top apps that can be use for Instagram Stories and has various options that make it different from other apps.

Instalkr is a no-cost application that comes with numerous features that make it a fantastic choice to manage Instagram stories. Instagram stories. For instance, Instalkr lets you add videos, photos and text to your stories and also you can plan them to be schedule to come back in the future. Furthermore, Instalkr has a range of effects and filters you can apply to personalize your stories.

Final Thoughts:

Pixwox is a reliable and safe tool that lets users browse Instagram posts in a private way and safeguards your privacy. Its simple but powerful features, it is able to be used by anyone wanting to be anonymous when browsing the web.We hope that this guide will help you determine the advantages and disadvantages that come with using Pixwox software, as well as the steps involved in downloading and viewing an individual’s Instagram story.

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