Most Innovative Display Packaging Trends for 2023

Innovation is the driving force of the world. Every bit of innovation aids the creative process in constructing something unique. Display packaging is no exception to this truth. An innovatively designed display packaging embodies within itself the power to make or break a brand. You can either follow the trends or go about building a design out of sheer innovation. In either case, the biggest driving force of business in 2023 is innovative display packaging. Here are the most followed and trending display designs of 2023

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Clear the Air Regarding Composition 

Display packaging is one of the main ways brands use to communicate with their customers regarding their products. One major change from back in the day and today’s display packaging is transparency. The world is leaving behind the trends of mystery and moving towards complete transparency. You can use your packaging display to the best of your abilities by highlighting the ingredients of your product. To illustrate your product’s ingredients is a new trend indeed, but it sure has shown great improvement in customer satisfaction. The customers when completely in light, do not withhold your product to unrealistic expectations. You can easily and stylistically use display packaging to educate your customer base regarding composition. 

Minimalism vs Maximalism

Packaging plays a great role in creating brand identity. The design trends have been in a fiery face-off, maximalism vs. minimalism. Some brands have chosen the latter in the name of simplicity. While the others follow the former in the name of sheer disclosure and creative discourse. However, we have observed minimalism to have taken over maximalism. But in the end, it all depends upon the nature of your product, your own creative process, your vision for its display, and the things that attract your key demographic. You can choose to follow either of the two trends, if one feels wrong you can always make the switch to the other. 

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The biggest trend in today’s display packaging world is experimenting with typography. You have to write something on the package, whether it is simply a product name or the detailed use and ingredients. The typography matters as it is a visual as well as informative aid. The type of font you use needs to align with the message you send with your text. In recent trends, we have observed multiple font styles used in one piece of packaging to display. Multiple fonts and typography styles are incorporated to not only create diversity but also to attract attention to all the details written on the display. 

Words are a powerful tool but only if displayed in a manner that attracts the people to read it all. Usually sans serif is the popular font choice for corporate-style text, but there is no hard and fast rule for you to opt for this font. There are multiple styles of text and you can experiment with any of them in your display packaging design.

A Personal Story or a Mascot

People love a personal touch because it allows them to feel the emotions behind the product. It shows the face of a hardworking individual behind a seemingly innate object. Such connection invokes personal feelings in customers. They start to relate to your struggle as if it’s their own. Creating such relatability is a driving force for customers to purchase your product. You can give this unique touch to your display by illustrating a personal story. Through words, drawings, patterns, or even QR codes, you can tell the world about everything and anything. This new trend of forming an emotional connection by invoking humane feelings is one that might stay longer than a year. 

It is not a new trend but rather a continued one; creating a mascot. A mascot binds association to your product. Through this association, your brand recognition is instantly enhanced. A mascot always works in the favor of your brand’s marketing campaign. Previously only statues of mascots used to exist. Nowadays, mascots are being incorporated into the display packaging as well. As previously mentioned, the association with the mascot increases your brand recognition and with it, your product sales go up.

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Create an Experience 

Package design is not just about the display anymore, recent trends have elevated it to the next level. Creating an entire experience out of the packaging is the newest and most innovative trend of 2023. Here are two easy ways you can use the packaging and its display to create an experience for your customer base.

Tactile Material

The easiest way you can form a palpable connection with your customer base through packaging is by using tactile material. For bougie products, you can opt for expensive materials that provide a real and earthy feel upon touch. There are multiple materials that can offer both the protective benefits of packaging and a tactile experience. Different materials exude differing feels for example felt offers a touch of softness.

Stickers for the Inner child

This is the most ingenious way of creating a long-lasting impression of your product is through stickers. Either create stickers on the display or inside the package. The stickers can be the mascot of your brand or a message of hope, whatever they may portray, their popularity is certain. The sheer stickiness on the back of an image transforms it into a memoir from just a simple piece of paper. It is the easiest way your product can live in your customer’s home even after its tenure ends. The stickers act as a constant reminder of a product well used and an experience to never be forgotten.


Wherever or whenever you decide to make the switch from standardized packaging to custom packaging you will have to cater to the looming task of designing the display. You can choose to proceed with a generic design or create one of your own. You will have to skim through all the trends and decide the pathway for your own product. Now understand that these trends are ever-changing. They go from small differences in every season to complete 180-degree shifts in a matter of days. If the display of your product’s packaging portrays reality and stays true to the product’s details, these shifts will not matter much. You can always make the shift to the latest trend as soon as your previous stock ends.