How You can Fix Underbite without a Surgery

Do you know that an underbite is aesthetic problem which can affect your self-esteem? If you do not treat it on time, this can be the reason for several health problems such as – eating difficulties, speaking properly, pain in the jaw, extreme headaches and tooth decay due to excessive wear and tear. Just because you are suffering from an orthodontic issue does not mean it is not treatable. Nowadays, professionals use cutting-edge technologies and latest innovations for making great improvements to your smile and confidence.

Surgical intervention is necessary when there is serious skeletal problem responsible for your bad bite. There are many cases when you can correct your underbite without undergoing a surgery. Go through this blogpost to know in details about an underbite.

What do you mean by an underbite?

An underbite or prognathism is bad bite or malocclusion which occurs when the lower teeth overlap upper teeth. You may have mild underbite where the two teeth rows almost meet and more severe case happen wherein your teeth do not meet at all.

Your underbite can be hereditary but may be the result of abnormal formation of tooth and misaligned teeth. Whatever might be the reason, an underbite is definitely bad for you and can be the reason for facial abnormalities and other oral health problems. Most underbite cases can be corrected with non-surgical bite correction procedures such as headgear or braces.

What causes an underbite?

Several factors can cause a person to suffer from an underbite. Some of these are the following:

  • Genetics when you are born with lower jaw misalignment
  • Bad childhood habits such as thumb sucking, long-term bottle feeding, pushing teeth with the tongue
  • Injury which can be severe injuries to your broken jawbone and face

How you can correct an underbite without a surgery

In order to solve the problem of an underbite without surgery in kids and adults, there are two options:

  • Braces
  • Invisalign

The earlier you address an underbite, the better it will to undergo the right orthodontic procedure.

How to correct an underbite with braces 

Braces can be used for correcting mild to severe cases of underbites by shifting the teeth into their proper alignment. Based on the severity of underbite, the extraction of one or more teeth from your lower jaw may improve the appearance of an underbite.

The procedure does not involve any pain and the dentist applies local anaesthetic to the tooth area which has to be pulled. You will feel slight pressure at the time of surgery.

You may be asked to use upper jaw expander or “reverse-pull” face mask at night to widen upper jaw or pull lower jaw back into the right alignment. The specialist will help to choose the right option for your case.

How to correct the problem of an underbite with Invisalign

Though metal braces can be used for moderate to severe underbites, clear braces like Invisalign are a good option for treating mild and underbite issues.

Invisalign moves the teeth into better alignment with the help of retainers or transparent aligners. You have to wear your Invisalign braces for at least 22 hours each day for almost one year to correct your underbite slowly.

It is possible to use Invisalign with dental elastics. The elastic bands will be attached to “buttons” on Invisalign aligners and provide more force to improve how the teeth will fit together.

The dentists at Smile Works Dental clinic can help to solve the problem of an underbite and other oral problems. They are aware about the kind of treatment which will work properly so that you can improve your overall appearance and confidence level.