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how to do seo for new website step-by-step benefits of digital marketing

Still, Google AdSense can be one of the significant sources of income, If you run a website or a blog. still, with the adding number of bloggers, Google has been strict while approving new websites to Google AdSense.

So, moment in this post I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to get approved with Google AdSense on the WordPress website. also, I’m also going to bust some myths regarding AdSense blessing.

If you haven’t started your blog yet you can read our detailed composition on creating a WordPress website.

First, let’s progeny started by knowing about Google AdSense itself.

Step 1 produce a new google adsense account

Visit the Google Adsense website and click Get Started.

This will bring you to a new runner to elect the Google account you want to use.

You can do with any of your being Google accounts or choose the Use another account option to produce a new Gmail account for the Adsense operation.

Once you elect a Google account, you ’ll be diverted to a runner that says your Google account is n’t associated with an Adsense account as in the screenshot below.

Click on subscribe up to continue.

This will take you to the morning of your Adsense operation process.

On this screen, you’re needed to input the following information

Your point URL Your website root
Payment Country/ home Make sure you input the correct information then as Google will use it during the verification process. And you ca n’t change it latterly.
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Next, scroll down to Our terms and conditions.

Make your website look licit
Your website must look licit to druggies when they suds it. It’s one of the main effects to consider before applying for Google AdSense. Your website should have a totem, legal runners, some branding and colors, smaller empty spaces around, you know the drill, just make sure your website looks authentic on the web.

Have Google Hunt press integrated
Your website must be vindicated in the Google Search Console for AdSense blessing. The Google Search Console is a Hunt Machine Optimisation( SEO) press tool handed by Google.

You can fluently integrate Google Search Console using the sanctioned Google Site Kit plugin for WordPress.

Don’t rush to apply
still, I suggest you stay a many weeks before applying for Google AdSense, If your website is fairly new. You can apply for Google AdSense after your website gets listed by Google in a many weeks. In the meantime, you can partake your website posts on social media to get some business.

Use a New Gmail Id for blessing!
still, try to produce a new Gmail id for the sign- up and blessing process, If possible. It’s a rumour that Adsense will authorize new dispatch ids briskly than usual.

I have n’t tested this but it takes not further than 5 mins to produce a new Gmail id.

still, do n’t forget to let me know the results after this trial.

How to know your AdSense account is actuated?
You’ll be notified by a congratulations correspondence( the correspondence id you fit during the sign- up process of Google AdSense) when your account blessing is verified.

After blessing, you need to set up AdSense advertisements duly to earn further.

Check the box next to I’ve read and accept the agreement also click the launch using Adsense button.

You ’ve successfully created your Google Adsense account.

The coming step is to input some information about your business.

How To Get Google Adsense blessing?
Before applying for Google AdSense, you just need to

  1. Choose a Good Looking and Professional Theme!
    It’s okay if you’re using WordPress free themes but for AdSense blessing,

I suggest copping a good- looking and professional theme that attracts your callers.

I’m using Themify ultra, the stylish, most flexible, and multipurpose theme for WordPress.

How to integrate AdSense with WordPress website?

There are several ways to integrate AdSense with a WordPress website. Then are two common styles

Using a Plugin One of the easiest ways to add AdSense to a WordPress point is by using a plugin. There are several AdSense plugins available, similar as Google Site Kit( Official plugin by Google), Advanced Advertisements, Quick AdSense and Ad Inserter, which allow you to fluently add AdSense advertisements to your point without having to edit any law. Simply install the plugin, enter your AdSense publisher ID and announcement law, and choose where you want the advertisements to be displayed.

I prefer using WP Advanced Advertisements as it provides full customization and allows you to add third party advertisements as well.

Manually Adding the AdSense Code If you prefer not to use a plugin, you can manually add the AdSense law to your WordPress point. To do this, you can either edit the theme lines or use a contrivance.

Write At Least 15 Posts With Unique And Quality Content!

You need to write at least 15 unique and quality blog posts that contain a minimum of 1000 words.

Make them SEO- optimized with the help of any SEO plugin or do it by yourself if you know the basics of SEO- optimized posts.

Make sure these blog posts are plagiarism-free and unique.

That matters a lot not only for Google AdSense blessing but also to rank an composition in hunt machines.

You can use the Yoast SEO plugin for SEO.

Mobile optimization is a must

Your website should be optimized for all bias. It should work impeccably without any clutter on computers, tablets, or phones. I suggest you use the GeneratePress theme as it’s optimized for a perfect WordPress website or a blog.

Get GeneratePress theme
Have proper and methodical navigation and menus
Have proper menus and navigation in heads and footers similar that it looks like a legal website.

Have at least 15 blog posts or contents
There are rumors on the request that Google AdSense doesn’t authorize websites that have smaller than 25 papers, but that’s not true. I lately got approved with Google AdSense on this website( while I had only 15 papers published. And I also applied for another website( a job posting website) where I had posted further than 15 job bulletins, and it also got approved in one go.

While publishing content, you must be sure to not use any reproduced or copyrighted accoutrements . I suggest you to write your own unique content.

The same goes for images and plates. Don’t directly download images from Google and upload them to your website. You can use stock websites like Unsplash or design tools like Canva to produce your featured images and other plates.

Update I lately applied for Google AdSense on my other website, Share Ninja which had only 9 posts while submitting for blessing, and bingo, it got approved. So, you know the drill, it’s not 15 blog posts presently.