How to Write a Good CV for a Jobs in Dubai in 2023?

If you are looking for a job in Dubai with a great standard of living and high salaries then this article is for you. Dubai offers great employment opportunities from corner to corner for many companies. You will gain tax-free salaries, with solid overall contact which makes the UAE a stunning location for those who looking for jobs in Dubai. Inside the UAE, Dubai is a most attractive job location and succeeds as an international gift magnet.

So, if you want to get a job in Dubai effectively, then there are platforms you may find in which you should prepare yourself and focus on the recruitment processes. Thus, in this article, I am going to tell you how to write a Good CV for Dubai.

Top CV Format for a Job in Dubai

  1. Focus on the Right CV Format

The suggested CV length in Dubai may contain two or three pages.  A one-page CV is sometimes regarded as too short in UAE. So, this is not hard to change and the ideal length will differ based on your amount of work experience, successes, and education.

  1. Add a Professional Photo When it is Needed

Many job searchers are every so often upset about whether they should add a photograph to their CVs or not.  Your choice must be based on your potential target employer. Mostly, international firms in Dubai might follow worldwide inequity hiring practices and they do not want you to add a picture to your CV.

But then there are local firms in Dubai looking to see a professional headshot in the CV. You need to use a high-resolution, passport-size photo and put it in the upper corner of your CV.  Just remember a few things if you want to get a Job in Dubai you need to dress professionally and make sure there are no selfies and group photos.

  1. Select the Correct CV Layout

Various CVs are put away at first glimpse because the job seekers use poor writing format, not structure and as well they do not use any template. You just need how to utilize a neat, simple-to-scan CV layout with sharp sections. You may integrate a few design elements to underline the main info and create your CV more attractive. But, just ignore utilizing unusual fonts, valiant graphics, and too many colors if you want to hire and get the job in Dubai at the first spot. Thus, if you want to get a job in Dubai you must follow this right Layout.

  1. Create a More Focused CV

In various Western countries, companies favor seeing a more focused resume, you only need to focus on main skills and experience. However, companies value an extra informative CV in the Middle East region since it is only important to the target role. So, while creating a CV for the job in Dubai, you must write a more focused outline of your career journey.

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  1. Use a Reverse Chronological Order

There are many CV formats available online, I recommend forming your CV utilizing the reverse chronological order for Dubai. Whatever format you are using, you need to write your latest job position first and then carry on backward from there. The format you use will be simple, easy to understand. And it offers the hiring decision creator a rich picture of your career journey.

What You Should Add to a Dubai CV

  1. Contact Info

I suggest that if you want to get a job in Dubai then your contact info sections must be at the top of your CV. Thus that the hiring team may contact you easily. It must contain your full name, mobile number (plus international country code), professional email, and home address as well. If you are in Dubai, I advise you should write your local address.

  1. Personal Info

In many other Western countries, the procedure of writing personal info in the CV is usually downcast. So writing personal info may create injustice during the hiring procedure. Therefore, if you are aiming to get a job at an international firm in the UAE, you might not want to add a personal info section.

Yet, there are many various local employers in the UAE who may expect personal info in their CVs. As well you must wisely scan the job description of the target role to classify if any personal qualities are stated as a requirement.  Below are a few headings to help you understand this section.

    • Nationality

    • Marital Status

    • Driving license

    • Visa status

    • Date of birth

    • Gender
  1. Professional Outline and Main Skills

Many firms in Dubai look for a professional outline in their CV.  This section offers an outline of your related skills, experience, and success.  The aim of it section is to showcase to the firm you are the right applicant for the job and as well convince them to read the rest of the document.  Therefore, a professional outline may help you if you want to get a job in Dubai.

  1. Work Experience

The work experience section is undeniably among the most vital components of the CV. It organizes the majority of the CV and communicates to the potential companies what you have achieved till now, that makes you qualified for the job. So, it is crucial to shaping your experiences in a way that requests the hiring decision creators.

  1. Education

If you want to get a job in Dubai, then it is vital you must write your education first, as well as the university name location, and graduation date. You may as well write two of your latest qualifications.


In the end, if you want to get a job in Dubai, then you must consider this powerful CV format and create your resume more stunning.