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in this post, i will tell you what is freelancing? How to we start freelancing? What are the importance things care of in freelancing? Benefits and disadvantage of freelancing? Which skill is best for making money? Tax into Freelancing?

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is divided into two phases, one is free and the other is lancing

Free means that it is all up to you to work or not. Lancer means if a job is not done by human, he hires someone else to do his work. In return, he gives him some money, so now you must have understood that a freelancer means someone who works at his own will, that is, he works when he wants to and does not answer to anyone when he doesn’t want to. It doesn’t matter whether you are working or not.

After that we are working online so we search for work on net and do our own work and get paid for it all this process is called freelancing.

Before starting freelancing you should have all these tasks?

1– If you have a problem in a question, how will you solve it?
2- You should use Google to search all your questions and get their answers
3-You get to use YouTube to solve your problems by going to it and searching according to your problems.

What are the important things to take care of in freelancing?

First of all, don’t start freelancing by looking at someone or looking at their money or looking at their lifestyle because you won’t get the first job when you enter this field. Or if you get it, it doesn’t help as much as you see someone who started freelancing without first looking at their struggles, or how they got there.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Freelancing?

The advantage of freelancing is that you don’t need to go somewhere or go to other people to ask or ask for work, the cost becomes very high. You just sit at home and go to social media or other platforms. Can start work by requesting and earn money can earn a lot of money by working a lot.

While freelancing has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages. If you work day and night to earn money, you get sick because of which you can’t work much but take care of your health.

Which skill is best for making money?

  • digital marketing
  • Web design
  • mobile software
  • E-commerce
  • Amazon
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Video editing
  • photo editing
  • Graphic design
  • web development

Tax into freelancing

We compare with our country and other countries how much tax is on freelancer in Pakistan tax has been increased within 2022 now freelancer will pay 30% tax and bring in his account ie if he has a month If he earns 100,000, he will get 30,000 by paying tax of 70,000. If you look at other countries, the tax rate is very low. They pay much less taxes than Pakistan. They give 19 to 20 percent and their policy has not been changed in the UK since they maintain it.