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how to do seo for new website step-by-step benefits of digital marketing

In this post, I will tell you what is mail, what is email. Where did it start? And we will know what is the difference between Email and Gmail. In this we will see more about what email marketing is. And how can we make money from it? What are its other benefits?

How to we start E-mail Marketing for Beginner?

What is Mail?

In the old days when people used to send messages. So the process of sending a message is called mail.

What is E-mail?

Any message sent through an electronic device is called an electronic mail.

What is G-mail?

Google’s messaging service is called Gmail.

Why E-mail address needed?

In the old days, to send a message, it was necessary to have its address so that we could send it to the correct address so that it would not reach someone else. Because now we live in the electric age. So we have to send an email to whom. It should have an email address, that is, its address should be ours, so the sender’s address should also be known. So that he can mail again.

In addition, if we go to create our account within any app or on any other platform Facebook YouTube, we need username and email. If our Gmail is created, we can easily You can create an account because it will be given by Google. All the email addresses in the world are divided into three parts. The first is the username, the second is the administrator, the third is the service provider, and the first is ours. Name is second is @ third is what is the service provider in which we have created our account, Hotmail and etc.

Benefits of Gmail Account

Benefits of g-mail account account storage is 15 GB which we use to create account on all google services in which we don’t need to create account again once create account can login to all.

What is E-mail Marketing?

Email Marketing Marketing simply means sending mail, the purpose of sending it is to drive traffic to your website, increase your sales, or promote something.
Email on Google to write on Google what we want to drive traffic to
Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your business by promoting your business or product to all those who have an email address. Our business or product punch goes to him through mail, is called email marketing

Types of Email marketing

There are three types of Email marketing

No.1: BULK Mailers (spam)

No.2: Cold Mailers

How Email marketing works?

How to steps of E-mail of success of Email marketing

1: Buld your email list

2: send emails!

3: analyze and optimize

Go to Google and search for the business you want to promote and search for the email And as it is not searched, it is given forward

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