How to prepare your child for a daycare?

Preparing children for day care is one of the toughest tasks, as no kid would ever want to stay away from parents and that too for long hours. It requires a lot of convincing as family’s end as the little one is being introduced to a new environment among a whole lot of new people. It’s true that if it’s the right place, your child will rise and shine because he/she will enjoy the company of friends to the core and the teachers are there to guide them at every step, they are free to experiment with things in the safe environment, the problem arises when you are not sure about the childcare center and how will it deal with your little angel. Parents are super possessive and there’s always an unsaid fear when it comes to sending kid to a school, but there do exist preschools and daycares like Sportyze that offer the same affection and care that the little ones get at home. The atmosphere is homely and the staff is trained in a way to tackle each child with love that they deserve. 

Now the question arises how would you prepare him/her for preschool? These tips will come handy:-

Visit the school 

The parent toddlers bond should be so strong that you can easily understand from the kid’s reaction if he is liking or disliking things, and if you get well-versed with this art, consider most of the problems solved.  There will arise no problem as you will easily be able to read your little one’s mind when you take him/her to any place. Let him observe what actually happens at the daycare, so that slowly he becomes accustomed to it. 

Talk about that place 

Do activities entice your child the most? Then talk to him about the exciting games, playthings, gymnastic classes that Sportyze offers, and reading sessions, dance competition that makes the kid crave to go to the preschool. Unless you will talk to him, he won’t develop much interest. The happiness should come from within and the younger ones are so innocent that they will get delighted even before going to school. Just try it once.

Set the sleeping eating and playing schedule 

One of the best things about the day care is, it teaches children discipline from a very tender age. Start setting the schedule for sleeping, eating and playing and in some days he will get habituated to the timing, and waking up early won’t be a problem. 

Buy news clothes, bag, bottle etc.

Leave no stone unturned in making your child realize that it’s a celebratory moment and that calls for a great shopping session where he/she can buy clothes, bag, bottle, lunchbox of his/her choice. New things always attract people – be it adults or children, then why not try this way out?

Be Strong

We understand this decision won’t be easy for you also, but the only solution to it is,  be strong and let not emotions come in the way of your child’s growth. It’s true that the parent toddlers connection is very unique and full of warmth, but making your child independent is also very important and it definitely starts with preschool where they learn life’s most important skills themselves, from teachers, and majorly from other kids of their age.

Now that we have shared key points to make your child school-ready its time to visit Sportyze and see for yourself how well they groom kids in a safe cocoon, put in all their efforts to teach them healthy habits including climbing, tumbling etc. Get your child admitted when you are fully convinced.  It’s time to build a brighter future your little dumpty. Are you ready?