How To Become A Construction Worker

A construction worker refers to a manual labor professional who prepares equipment, operating machinery, taking apart and building structures etc. Construction workers follow the clients’ instructions by using blueprints which determine the type of structure, necessary spaces, appropriate measurements and other construction elements. Some other duties of construction workers include testing machinery to confirm they work properly, transporting supplies from suppliers’ vehicles to the job site, following safety rules to maintain the integrity of the project, measuring lumber, plaster etc, learning electrical work and much more. However, there is also a lot of work involved in becoming a construction worker.


Most employers have a requirement that construction workers should have a high school diploma. They can improve on some skills by taking classes in welding, woodshop, etc. while in high school. Apart from that, there is no further education needed, as employers do train these professionals on the job.


Most employers do train construction workers when they begin the job. New hires work under supervision by experienced team manager who teaches them the use of heavy equipment and complete necessary tasks.  Some people complete apprenticeships to further their education and gain more specialized skills. Apprenticeships are two to four years long and are supposed combine classroom instruction with on-the-job experience. It covers a variety of topics, including safety protocols, how to read blueprints etc. These programs are necessary for people who want to work in building, highway construction and environmental remediation.


Some employers require employees to pass some industry-specific certification to showcase their general understanding of the field. Some of these certifications may include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Construction Certificate, Silica in Construction Certificate and National Association of Safety Professionals Certifications

What does a construction worker do?

A construction worker needs many skills and not just bulldozers for sale to perform on their job such as

Math skills: Most construction workers need to calculate math equations while workings such as converting measurements and pricing materials.

Communication skills: Construction workers work with others on a team in order to complete a project. They may use verbal communication to ask for help. They use written communication to provide instructions along with using active listening to understand how to complete tasks.

Physical endurance: A construction worker needs to spend most of their shift on their feet while performing a variety of physical tasks. They may need to squat, stand for long periods of time may need to lift heavy materials. Staying in physical shape can aid these labor professionals stay productive on projects. 

Self-starter: Many construction crews work with minimal instruction. This means they need to understand how to follow orders on their own. Construction workers also need to motivate themselves to use used industrial equipment complete projects on time.

Time management: These professionals need to set and maintain realistic timelines in order to ensure each step of a project is completed properly. Time management allows them to work efficiently and stay on schedule so they can best utilize the time as well as the resources of their clients.

If you are considering becoming a construction worker, consider following these steps:

Earn a secondary education. Candidates need a high school diploma before applying to be a construction worker. They can work on improving their skills while in school only by taking advanced math classes.

Complete an apprenticeship. Those who want to work as a construction worker can finish an apprenticeship. This will allow them to gain hands-on training on the job and learn while working under an experienced construction worker.

Take the OSHA certification. Candidates can prepare themselves by taking the 10-hour OSHA class before they apply to any job. This certification can provide knowledge to entry-level candidates.

Finish specialty certifications. Those who know if they want to work in a specific industry can take certifications to prepare for the duties of the work sites. Some of these certificaions are available online, while others require them to practice their skills in person. Improve their resume. Anyone who wants to be a construction worker needs to consider updating their resume in order to fit the job they are applying for. They can also list any apprenticeships or experience that they have that relates to construction.