How do you become a military firefighter?

How to be a military firefighter: Learn all about the career and How to get there

For many people, the desire to be a firefighter can start in childhood. Perhaps because of the admiration for this professional who risks his own life to save the lives of others. However, what was a childhood dream can become a reality for a successful professional career in the future. If you’re interested in this role, most of the time performed outdoors, we’ll show you how to be a military firefighter and what’s the step by step to get to that post. for more blogs click here

We will also show that there are differences between military firefighters and civil firefighters. The main one is that the military firefighter is part of the state organization. In other words, he is a public servant. In addition, it works in actions in risk areas, firefighting, rescuing people, and natural disasters, among other occurrences.

To understand how to be a military firefighter, you also need to know the necessary training. To begin with, it is enough to have completed high school, to enter as a soldier. Although other higher positions require higher education in various areas. Remember that on the Indeed platform, you can search for the undergraduate course of interest in the main educational institutions in UAE, with the possibility of a scholarship of up to 70%

And how much does a military firefighter earn?

How long does it take to be a military firefighter?

If you always wonder how to become a military firefighter, in addition to the previous questions, check out the post for more details!

What does a military firefighter do?

Before taking the step-by-step on how to be a military firefighter, it is important to know a little more about this function. Did you know that the Fire Department is one of the most reliable institutions in the UAE?

That is, the firefighter has great credibility in society, precisely because of the noble function of saving lives and helping those in danger.

An example of the importance of the military firefighter was in the performance of these professionals in the recent tragedies of the UAE and oil Well. In cities, hundreds of firefighters put their safety at risk to save the population hit by oil well fire.

In short, a firefighter can act in a number of different types of emergency occurrences. We can mention traffic accidents, fires, drownings, landslides, floods, vehicle rollovers, suicide attempts, among many others. In the latter cited, for example, in addition to physical fitness, firefighters need to have the ability and concentration to talk, in addition to convincing power. Get in touch with us for a firefighter course in UAE

To be a military firefighter, you must have a vocation for serving the population, even if you have to risk your own life to do so. For this reason, the military firefighter is considered one of the noblest professions in the world.

The essential characteristics of a firefighter:

Becoming a military firefighter goes far beyond taking a training course, for example. For this function, a series of characteristics is recommended, since this professional may experience situations in which he needs to save a life. So, a lot of calm and experience at this time. See below some of the very important attributes for those who want to be a firefighter:

  • Quick responses;
  • Physical strength;
  • Courage to face challenges, missions, and occurrences;
  • Effective communication;
  • Resistance;
  • Teamwork and cooperation;
  • Courage to face challenges;
  • Be patient and observant.

Locations where the military firefighter can work:

A military firefighter works from the barracks or base in each municipality with the corporation. Or it can still be transferred to other public bodies, always respecting their functions. In this sense, it is possible to delimit the area of ​​activity of a military firefighter into four segments:

Firefighting: it is one of the most risky activities, as it needs to be done with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Respiratory Protection (RPE), in addition to combat techniques, fire containment tactics, and water supply. There are urban, forest, and special fires (airports, ports, etc.)

Search and rescue: This is a more diversified type of occurrence, as it can involve people, animals, the environment or material goods. There are land rescues (such as vehicle rescue after accidents), water rescues (drowning), height rescues (buildings or chasms), and diving.

Pre-hospital Care: is that carried out through calls to ambulances after accidents. The military firefighter makes the first contact with trauma victims at the scene.

Technical services: military firefighters can also carry out project analysis, inspections, and certifications for commercial buildings, in addition to events with a large concentration of public and residences. You must have heard about the Fire Department permit, haven’t you?

Difference between civilian and military firefighters:

Basically, the main difference between civil and military firefighters is that the former works in private institutions and has the function of preventing accidents. It is common to find civilian firefighters working in hospitals, malls, and schools, for example. To be a civil firefighter, it is possible to take a training course, with a minimum workload of 210 hours, between theory and practice.

On the other hand, it is a state public servant and has a broader role, as discussed above. From now on, we are going to show you how to be a military firefighter. We advance that, for this, it is necessary to go through a rigorous selection process, in addition to a very demanding training course.