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how to do seo for new website step-by-step benefits of digital marketing
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How can a beginner learn SEO

Whenever you search something on Google or any search engine, you get a lot of results. You get thousands of websites and millions of pages. Have you ever thought that in all these results, everyone is found on top. What is there in them? We have many results which can be found in their website or page first.
So, if you want to rank your business or site on any search engine, search engine optimization should be done to find out how you will be ranked on the top of any search engine on any online platform. By learning search engine optimization you can get your website on the first page.

what is SEO

Search engine optimization is a combination of two words, one is search engine and the other is optimization

search engine:_

A search engine is a software system that is designed to carry out web search is called search engine.


the act of making the best or most efficient use of any resource or thing is called optimization.

search engine optimization

Any web page or any website is the process of optimizing your business for google or others search engines so that your contact rank on first is called search engine optimization.

Do we optimize search engine in SEO?

Look, search engine is a software system which is made after a lot of hard work and is a very secure system, so I take an example of Google for search engine. Can you tinker with JaToss in Google’s backend? You can change something like this. Or you can change its coding. With its help you can bring your website to the first page. This cannot be the case at all.

we optimize our website/ web pages

In search engines you cannot optimize search engines. Rather, you optimize your website in a better way, with which you can take advantage of search engines.

 what is search engine?

A search engine is a software system designed to search out the information from world wide web according to the user’s query.    

importance of search engine?

So see if I need to know the price of a car. So, I will go to Google and search for the price of the car, so many options will be displayed. And whatever mine
I will get information related to the query.
But if there is no search engine, how do you know what the price of the car is and on which website it is written. So all you have to do is type the URL of the website you want to search in your web browser. So now we have a search engine so we can find the prize of the car then this task would have been very difficult. So you must understand how easy search engine has made our life

Top search engine

So, is Google the only search engine, not the one you know Google, and if we talk about the top three, they are below.


2: Yahoo

3: Bing

In addition, there are many other search engines. These search engines also work like Google. In addition, Duck duck Go is a search engine that does not store our data and is used by people who have privacy issues.

How Does a search engine work?

You know there is a lot of data on the internet. So whenever a creator uploads this data For example, someone uploads a blog. or makes any changes to your website. So in this process goes the Google crawler. our data that we change or upload something new, it sees what is said and then moves all the data to the local server, which means that your data Google is saving to its hard disk
Google then indexes those local servers, such as a website that has shoes. There are black, white and other colors and the result we get is in the indexer

Techniques of SEO?

There are two techniques of SEO

1 white hat SEO

2 black hat SEO

White hat SEO

white hat SEO includes optimizing your website flowing the restrictions imposed by search engine. This is what we call Ethical SEO which means the right way to do SEO is called Ethical and there is another white hat method which we call Organic SEO.

Black hat SEO

black hat SEO in cludes unethical techniques which are disapproved by search engines.

white hat SEO techniques

1- content optimize

2-quality content

3- relewant internal links

4- relewant strong backlinks

5- sitemaps

6- technical aspects

7- better UX

black hat SEO

1- keywords stuffing

2- Duplicate contacts

3- cloaking

4- hidden text

5- hidden text link

6- link spamming

7- link farming

if you don’t understand this way, let me explain it better that the paragraphs you write are on the same topic, not referring to other’s articles, and what ever link you guys post on your site . it is similar to the also have a site map on your site. No words should be used too often and no spamming links should be used and no link hiding should be done. doing the revers in this way is called black hat SEO.

Types of SEO

On page SEO 

on-page SEO refers to optimizing the parts of your website your control like content, HTML, title of page ,URL and e.t.c.

Off page SEO

off-page focuses on the ranking factors that occur outside of your website like brand mentions and backlinks.

In addition, I will tell you in this post that there are those who want to learn SEO and earn money just by working others. IF you have any work to do or you have a skill, then you can make it online and SEO it and bring it to first page of google and earn a lot of from your business .

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