Embroidery on Shirts – What it cost

Large business organizations use it to create a corporate identity: their own logo enhances the prestige of the company.

Fashion designers decorate garments with embroidered patterns in order to obtain exclusive models that emphasize the individuality of the client. Lovers of antiquity prefer to decorate shirts and dresses with folk motifs. Collars and coquettes of women’s dresses, denim jackets, sleeves of men’s shirts, baptismal sets are decorated with embroidery … The list is endless.

 Since hand embroidery with satin stitch and cross stitch is expensive, we offer an alternative Рmachine embroidery. We provide shirts and hat embroidery in Dallas. Virtues of machine embroidery:

low cost;



speed of execution;

neat long stitches.

A shirt with embroidery on the sleeves, pockets or back will not go unnoticed.

You can order machine embroidery on shirts in our company. Our experts will take the order, help you decide on the scheme and color. The most popular colors demanded by our customers are blue, gold, white, black. We have developed many original designs for them. You can also use a photo or company logo as a sketch .

We work with shirts made of natural and synthetic materials. For each type of fabric, special technologies are used to obtain high quality embroidery. The coloring doesn’t matter. We apply the pattern both on plain clothes and on shirts with stripes or ornaments.

You do not need to think for yourself which shirt to buy for embroidery. “Original-shop” will take care of it. We cooperate with domestic and European manufacturers offering various colors and sizes. The company “Original-shop” (Minsk) will help you decorate a shirt with embroidery that is not inferior in quality to manual embroidery.

Who applies for embroidery

  • Private persons. They usually embroider their initials on sleeves, pockets and collars. It is done not so much to indicate belonging, but to give the shirt additional sophistication.
  • Companies. If shirts are part of the corporate style, then most often they order embroidery of logos, slogans, employee names, etc.

Why is it better to decorate shirts with embroidery than printing

It is possible to apply a pattern to a shirt using printing so that it does not wash off in 3-4 times only in factory conditions, but factories do not work with small print runs. Other small-scale application options: film printing, thermal transfer will look unimportant after a few weeks of wear. In addition, shirts are a more formal piece of clothing than, for example, polo or T-shirts, so they do not require bright and flashy patterns. And therefore, for shirts, embroidery is still the most reliable and aesthetic type of application.

The cost of embroidery on shirts

The cost of the service is calculated individually for each client, depending on the complexity of the work, the selected pattern, its size, the type of embroidery (satin stitch, imitation of a cross). So, for example, satin stitch embroidery on the back of a denim shirt will cost more than embroidery on the collar. And embroidery according to ready-made templates will cost less than creating your own sketch from a photo. In our online store you can order embroidery both on one shirt and on the whole lot. Discounts are provided to wholesale customers. 

Embroidery on shirts is a tradition that has come down to us to indicate that a piece of clothing belongs to a particular person. So it was originally. Later, manufacturers began to embroider on shirts, fighting for the prestige of the brand. Today in our studio you can order an individual machine embroidery of initials, a monogram, a name or logo, or any pattern you like.

We would not like to mislead you by announcing some average price, since in embroidery the final cost consists of a number of components. We need to know the size of the drawing or inscription, as this will affect the amount of consumable materials. We need to see the complexity of the image, since drawings and inscriptions consisting of many elements require more time for the digitizing designer. You may also want to make the embroidery more expensive metallic (gold and silver) and fluorescent (glow-in-the-dark threads), and this will also slightly increase the final cost. Therefore, for an accurate calculation, it is better to apply personally.