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We want to maintain your teeth healthy and unaltered for the rest of your life. Because nothing compares to a natural tooth! We place a lot of importance on individual prevention as well as information and counsel regarding your results and available treatments. Ilka Müller-Jeppsson, our Zahnarzt consultant, will explain to you which steps are appropriate for your particular circumstance.

In addition, our administrative professionals are delighted to help you deal with your health insurance provider or explain your invoicing to you in a private conference area within our office. mainly because we have several trained soldiers.

Two Zahnarzt Wandsbek offices in Hamburg and Ahrensburg are home to seven male dentists and two male dentists. At your side is a practice squad made up of more than 42 professionals in various fields. 

We assist you in achieving the best dental and oral health possible with this focused force. The use of traditional fillings and cosmetic dentistry, as well as preventative care, is the cornerstone of maintaining healthy teeth and long-lasting treatment results.

Completing our treatment menu are intricate procedures and cutting-edge techniques like CEREC and computer-assisted dentistry with 3D X-ray technology. 

Teeth problems: 

Probably the most well-known consequence of a misaligned jaw is nocturnal teeth grinding. However, there are several more signs that can be linked to an imbalance in the coordination of the upper and lower jaws, such as the following: Everyone is familiar with symptoms like headaches, tinnitus, and back discomfort, but the jaw is rarely thought to be the culprit. 

Jaw misalignment is formally referred to as CMD Hamburg (craniomandibuläre dysfunktion). The jaw is carefully checked to establish if CMD Hamburg is present. If the diagnosis is accurate, functional treatment is then administered after what is known as functional diagnostics. 

Sports-related dental injuries occur often, whether it be in football, basketball or hockey, which is highly popular in Hamburg. We produce specially tailored protectors to guarantee the safety of your teeth and the teeth of your kids when they play sports. Here, you may learn how this functions and why wearing a sports mouthguard actually improves performance.An Zahnimplantat Hamburg is an artificial tooth root that develops with the surrounding bone and eventually looks and feels like your natural tooth. More information on the numerous benefits of Zahnimplantat Hamburg for repairing tooth gaps or an edentulous jaw may be found here. By the way, Dr. Janke, our chief medical officer, is a licensed implantologist. 


Our Zahnarzt Hamburg will make sure that you have long lasting gum and teeth we pride ourselves with our service and make sure that none of the patients have any bad experiences as they do with other dentists, our professional team of Zahnarzt Hamburg will make sure that your gums stay healthy our state-of-the-art machines and techniques will insure that and not only that but we have the best patient reviews regarding our work of any Zahnarzt Hamburg and if you don’t believe us then you can see them right on our website as you read about our amazing team of doctors that spend day and night making sure your smile is bright and sparkly.

A mold must be taken of the patient’s body part that will be filled in for both Ästhetischer Zahnersatz and implants. Hansezahn eliminates the need for the traditional, sometimes quite painful usage of an imprint tray, Due to the fact that we employ a digital impression.We come up with a personalized strategy for you to get rid of the discomfort as soon as feasible as well as permanently.

A biting splint typically serves as the foundation for CMD treatment. Learn more about the other factors at play and the significance of physiotherapists, orthopedists, and osteopaths here. Our state of the art technology will make sure that your teeth stay sparkly and Abdruckfrei.