Dayara Bugyal trek: The Best Time to Visit  


Dayara Bugyal is situated in  the district of Uttarakhand, Uttarkashi.  This place is well known for trekking and campaign location. Dayara Bugyal is around 40 km from Uttarkashi.The Bugyals are covered with alpine pasture lands.This trek is famous for its grasslands and variety of rhododendrons. In the winter season, the Dayara Bugyal is covered with icy scenarios. This trek is allowed to see for the whole season except the monsoon. It’s almost at altitudes of 3350 m. This is the most enchanting Himalayan trek. If you want to explore the lush, green scenario of Bugyals’ alpine meadows and the flocks of sheeps, it’s like a complete art. The eyes shooting panoramic views of the Gangotri in the Himalayas. The Dayara Bugyal is the deep valleys with fading mountains.


Dehradun is the nearest setting for a bunch of adventures and activities across Uttarakhand. To reach Dehradun, you should be right for the requirement to begin any adventurers trek. To reach the place Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport. You also can hire a taxi or  if you want to take any public transport for the destination within 40 to 45 minutes. When you have reached the Dehradun Railway Station. Near the station the final location is located just 1 to 2 kilometers away from the city center. You can choose for the Uttarakhand State Transport, buses or private cars or volvos.

For arrangements or housing:

As Dehradun is the central place of this area, all the starting roles and activities start from Uttarakhand. There are multiple choices for staying. As per the well known place there’s hotels and guest house rooms exquisitely luxury. But they are very tourist-friendly and offer captivating views of the mountains, it depends on their price rate. This housing starts from as low as INR 500  per night. But it’s up to you what you’ll choose. And there is also a pre booking process via websites. It’ll help you a lot. 

Time and duration:

The Dayara Bugyal trek takes more than 3 to 4 days for a complete trek. 

The suitable time for go:

To visit the Dayara Bugyal trek the perfect months are May to June or September to December. 

Between Summer and Winter this place becomes more and more beautiful than you can imagine. Simply, it looks like paradise because of its panoramic views. And the comfortable and pleasant weather gives you enchanting feelings. In the time period there are a variety of flowers here and there. 

For backpack:

Trekking Shoes, rucksack/backpack, rucksack cover (must be waterproof), daypack/knapsack, thermal wear, one pair undergarments, cotton socks 2 or 3 pair, woolen socks 1 pair and gloves and waterproof gloves also, t shirt 3 or 4, camp sandal 1 pair, 

woolen cap, sun cap, wide brimmed hat, one walking stick, one pair heavy jacket Or windproof jacket, waterproof clothes, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, chapStick, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel, soap or soap strips, hand sanitizer, tissue roll, antifungal powder, knee cap, torch, head lamp( with extra battery), camera, some dry foods, first aid kit, 

Difficulties of this trek:

If the Dayara Bugyal trek will be a solo trek then it’ll be a little bit difficult for beginners. I must say there are various routes to cover the trek. If you think this trek will make it difficult then it’ll be but if you are thinking positively then it’ll be possible to achieve your trek goal. 

The Dayara Bugyal trek suitable for all ages:

The Dayara Bugyal trek is for all ages. Like children, family. But one thing you must keep in mind that as the place is very cold you have to be prepared for that to expose some new things. For the beginners to come to the Himalaya, you should take a guide or choose an easier way. 

Risk and response:

For the high altitude of this Dayara Bugyal trek, there are a lot of risks. But if you want to keep your footprint on the land the risk is mere name only. If you need a guide to notify everything then go for a guid whom you will trust and feel free to any enquiry for any kind of unexpected situation

In your daily lifestyle you have  representations and adventures. From the congested trek it is a must visit place to go for those who are in love with nature. It will help you to cheer up. The Dayara Bugyal trek helps you to calm and adventurers for any kind of situation.

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