Cost of MBBS in China’s Top Medical Colleges

Over the past decade, China has emerged as a new superpower competing with the Western world in several areas. Both Pakistan and China have many things in common as they are the most populous countries in the world. Since 2013, MBBS studies in China have become increasingly popular among Pakistani students.

Important Facts about Education in China

The Chinese education system is the largest state education system in the world.

The literacy rate in China is over 99%.

The number of higher education institutions in China has more than doubled in the last decade, from over 1000 to more than 2250.

There are over 1.2 million IT professionals in China, and 4 lacs of technical graduates are added each year. China is #1 in the world, followed by Pakistan and the United States (US).

7 Chinese universities in the top 100 and 157 in the top 1000 of the QS world rankings.

PMC recognized medical universities in China & grading.

Chinese Medical Universities MBBS Course Fee

More than 214 medical universities have admitted students in Medicine (MBBS) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) courses in English and Mandarin language till 2018. Many Pakistani agencies sought to admit students to the TCM program instead of the MBBS program. In 2019, the Chinese government allowed international students to only English-language MBBS programs. PMC published a list of 45 medical universities offering English-language MBBS programs in China.

Additionally, the total number of MBBS Seats in these PMC Approved Universities (45) is close to 1100 for international students including Pakistani students.

Take a look at the table below for the list of Medical Universities in China and their Grading

S. No     University Name             Grade

1            Anhui Medical University             B

2            Beihua University            B

3            Capital Medical University           A+

4            China Medical University             A+

5            Chongqing Medical University    B

6            Dalian Medical University            A

7            Fudan University             A+

8            Fujian Medical University             A

9            Guangxi Medical University         B

10          Guangzhou Medical University   B

11          Harbin Medical University           B

12          Hebei Medical University             B

13          Huazhong University(HUST)        A+

14          Jiangsu University           A+

15          Jilin University   A

16          Jinan University B

17          Jinzhou Medical University          B

18          Kunming  Medical University       A

19          Nanjing Medical University          A+

20          Nantong  University        B

21          Ningxia Medical University          B

23          North Sichuan Medical College   B

24          Qingado University         A

25          Shandong  University     A

27          Suzhou University           B

28          Shihezi University            B

33          Sichuan University          A

29          Southeast University      B

30          Southern Medical University       B

31          Southwest Medical University     B

32          Sun Yat-sen University    B

26          Soochow University        B+

34          Three Gorges University B+

35          Tianjin Medical University           A

36          Tongji University              A

37          Wenzhou Medical University      B

38          Wuhan University           B

39          Xiamen University           A

40          Xian Jiaotong University A+

41          Xinjiang Medical University         B

42          Xuzhou Medical College A

43          Yangzhou University       B

44          Zhejiang University         A+

45          Zhengzhou University     B

Popular study programs in China

Currently, nearly 23 thousand Pakistani students in China are studying various degree programs in Chinese universities, and more than 8000 of them are graduating from MBBS programs.

Some of the most popular study programs among Pakistanis in Chinese universities include.

Medicine (Bachelor)

Engineering (Master)

Research Program

Why study MBBS in China?

There are many advantages for Pakistani students to study in a medical university in China.

Some of them are listed below

Here is the lowest Cost of MBBS in China option among all destinations for MBBS study abroad.

The quality of education is far superior to all other options with a similar budget such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, etc.

The MBBS course in China meets all the new PMC guidelines that apply to the entrance exam in Pakistan.

MBBS course curriculum and subjects in China are very similar to Pakistan.

Clinical experience in terms of patient inflow and outflow is even higher than in Pakistan.

The infrastructure of Chinese medical universities is far ahead of all government (public) and private medical universities in Pakistan.

Hurdles to MBBS study in China.

Although there are many advantages of studying MBBS in China, there are also some challenges that Pakistani students face during their studies. Some of these hurdles are listed below.

English language proficiency is very low in China, so conversation in daily public life is a major problem.

Mainland China is almost completely surrounded by the sea, which makes it dependent on seafood. Therefore, eating habits are different from Pakistani, and it is difficult to find vegetarian dishes.

China has different kinds of social networking, website navigation, and messaging apps. Therefore, it takes time to get familiar with these.

Is studying MBBS in China a good option for Pakistani students?

If we compare the pros and cons of studying MBBS in China, it is still a better choice than countries with similar budgets. Students should keep in mind that they just need to stay in China for 6 years; however, the language barrier and food issues remain the same in all countries. Nevertheless, the idea of studying in China’s medical universities may prove to be a beneficial experience for students in the long run.

Chinese Medical Universities MBBS Course Fee

Chinese Universities are very affordable in terms of Tuition fees, mostly ranging somewhere between 20-30 Lacs. Refer to the table below for the average Tuition Cost in Chinese Medical Universities-

S.No      University Name             Tuition Fee (Lacs)

1            Beihua University            13-14

2            Anhui Medical University             19-20

3            Guangzhou Medical University   19-20

4            Harbin Medical University           19-20

5            Hebei Medical University             19-20

6            Nantong  University        19-20

7            Ningxia Medical University          19-20

8            Qingado University         19-20

9            Shihezi University            19-20

10          Wenzhou Medical University      19-20

11          Xinjiang Medical University         19-20

12          Yangzhou University       19-20

13          Jilin University   21-22

14          Kunming  Medical University       21-22

15          North Sichuan Medical College   21-22

16          Soochow University        21-22

17          Southeast University      21-22

18          Suzhou University           21-22

19          Xuzhou Medical College 21-22

20          Jiangsu University           22-23

21          Nanjing Medical University          22-23

22          Fujian Medical University             23-24

23          Guangxi Medical University         23-24

24          Zhengzhou University     23-24

25          Sichuan University          25-26

26          Xiamen University           25-26

27          China Medical University             26-27

28          Huazhong University (HUST)       26-27

29          Xian Jiaotong University 26-27

30          Capital Medical University           27-28

31          Dalian Medical University            27-28

32          Zhejiang University         28-29

33          Shandong University      29-30

34          Tongji University              29-30

35          Fudan University             49-50

Pakistani food and dormitory accommodation in China.

Almost all universities provide on-campus housing for their students.

Many universities have separate dormitories for girls and boys, but a few also have common but separate floors.

There are no mess facilities in the dormitories; students must cook for themselves.

There is a common kitchen in each dorm where students can prepare their own food.

Washing machines are located in the common laundry rooms. Students can use them at no additional cost.

All dormitories are under video surveillance, and there is always a supervisor or janitor present in the dorm 24/7. 

Admission Criteria for MBBS in China

Students must be MDCAT qualified.

Different universities may require different MDCAT scores.

Generally, the criteria are 60% or above in the 10+2 class (or even higher in top-ranked universities).

The age should be at least 17 years old.

Most universities conduct an online exam or interview to evaluate the applicant.

MBBS admission procedure in China

Prior to 2019 (before COVID-19), universities in China were in high demand, with an average of more than 10 applications for each place. While most foreign universities only required an MDCAT score and a score of 50% in grade 12, Chinese universities were more selective.

They set higher MDCAT scores and grade requirements to admit only the best applicants. If you are considering studying MBBS in China, you should start the application process early or you may end up at a lower-ranked university. Here is the ideal timeline for applying to a Chinese university for MBBS studies.

See the table below for the ideal timeline for applying to Chinese universities.

Stages Timelines

Application to the university March-July

Issue of admission letter 3-4 weeks

Issuance of JW202 by Ministry of Education, China 4-6 weeks

Stamping of visa 3 weeks

Travel to the university 2/3-week Sept.

Start of lectures Oct. 1, 2023

Required documents for MBBS admission in China.

Certified copy of 10th and 12th school certificate (Notary Public, Ministry of Education, Pakistan).

MDCAT certificate

Copy of passport

Police clearance certificate (for VISA purposes)

Bank statement (for VISA purposes)

Medical certificate (for VISA purposes)

University scholarship for MBBS study in China

There are several scholarships offered by universities for students. The scholarships can be availed at the time of enrollment, i.e. first year, based on MDCAT score or also in subsequent years based on academic performance. By and large, students can receive tuition remission ranging from 25% to 100% for these scholarships.