Content Writing Agency Vs Freelance Content Writer

One of the best ways to reach your audience online is through content writing and no one can deny this today. But the articles you write need to be well-presented and well-written to appeal to customers. But one of the major dilemmas that businesses face is whether they should hire content writing agencies or rely on freelance writing professionals. The decision would be tricky as each one will have its pros and cons.

A lot depends on the nature of your business and the budget. But before you go ahead and hire, you need to know the differences between the two options.

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Things to know about freelance content writers

Freelance writers have experience but they write independently. In other words, they have no association with any writing agency. If you get a freelance content writer for hire, you can rely on their qualification and experience but they handle the clients independently and have their own set of business hours and ways of managing the workflow.

When hiring a freelance writer, you need to assess their level of experience and judge them based on their portfolios. But here is why a company will look forward to hiring a freelance content writer:

  • One of the major reasons why a business would be keen to hire a freelance content writer is due to its cost-effectiveness.
  • Compared to employed writers from article writing service that need full salary and employment benefits, there is no such thing with freelance content writers.
  • Typically, freelance writers charge for every word or may receive a consolidated amount no matter how many projects they handle.
  • Hiring a freelance writer helps in scaling your business effectively as you can leverage their flexibility.
  • With freelance writers, you can hire them based on project requirements and pay them for what they do unlike paying a content writing agency each month regardless of whether they have work to do or not.
  • Freelance writers can be hired based on their area of focus, so you can get writers with the experience of writing in niche areas.

Cons of hiring freelance writers

Despite all these benefits of hiring freelance writers, you need to cope with a series of challenges as well when hiring them. One of the major reasons why companies need to think twice when hiring freelance content writers is that they need to hire more than one writer to meet their requirements of writing for different niches. Moreover, getting a perfect match with a freelance content writer may take more of your time. Finally, not having a contract may mean that the freelance writers working on your projects are not bound by limitations and may leave or not confirm availability at all times.

Things to know about content writing agencies

Bound your business by a formal contract with content writing agency. Moreover, they will have a pool of writers to work on a variety of projects. Therefore, you can access writers with more skill sets. For instance, you can get article writers for hire if you need them to write articles on a specific project. Here are reasons to hire content writing agencies:

With content writing agencies, you will have an entire team of writers to help you market your business.

As the agencies usually have a large pool of talent, the time taken by them to produce content will be a lot quicker, which is especially beneficial for fast-moving companies.

Agencies communicate with businesses regularly and provide them updates about content writing projects so that they can align with the project requirements easily.

Cons of hiring content writing agencies

There are cons of hiring professional writing agencies as well and one of the primary challenges is that you will have no control over the writers, unlike an in-house team. Usually, an SEO article writing service will have less flexibility when it comes to period and it may mean that they would be available for work within strict business hours. If you are searching for article writers, Content Freelancing is the agency you can trust. They have both freelance writers and teams of writers to cater to your project’s requirements.

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