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About hot air balloon in Goa 

Hot air ballooning in Goa is a thrilling experience ideal for families, friends, and honeymooners. Fly at 2000 feet for an hour to get an eye view of Goa’s seashores and hills. Each balloon can facilitate ten travelers and is allowed to fly by a trained professional. Because hot air balloon rides in Goa are quite romantic, you can book them for two people or a residential flight for proposals, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Goa is one of India’s most beautiful states, with wide ranging beaches, dense forests, and rolling hillsides—and the best way to enjoy the scenery is from the air. Take to the skies in a hot-air balloon and drift beautifully over Goa’s natural landscapes on this unforgettable tour. Depart early and watch the sun rise over the magnificent beaches and hills—round-trip transportation from the launch site is included. From the air, take in panoramic birds-eye views of Goa. Observe the sun rising over the sandy beaches and lush forests. Unforgettable high-altitude experience in Goa, India’s coastal state. Round-trip transportation from your Goa launch site is hassle-free.

Goa Hot Air Balloon – an experience that’s unlike anything else!

I was ready for my Goa hot air balloon experience after great deal of effort waking up at 5:15 a.m. – even the birds were asleep. Because of the excitement, I couldn’t sleep the night before. The idea of flying in a basket led by a 10-meter-tall giant balloon, the first-ever method of flight invented by man, was met with great enthusiasm. I arrived at the Goa hot air balloon take-off site, flustered and windswept (after a 45 min scooter ride from my hotel at Agonda Beach, in South Goa).

It was a large empty plot of land in the middle of nowhere. I was too sleepy to enjoy the moment until my gaze was drawn to the balloon. I’d never seen a Hot Air Balloon up close before, and it appeared massive. My drowsiness vanished in the blink of an eye. I was prepared for this!

I forgot to take photos for the first few minutes, absorbing everything and carefully studying every moment with bug eyes and my mouth wide open.I had not visited the beaches of Goa in two weeks. During my first scuba diving experience, I had experienced some amazing nightlife, great food, and even explored a World War II ship – but the experience of a hot air balloon in Goa was unique.

It was by far the most unusual and memorable activity of my entire life .The uncertainty of the flight is what makes a Hot Air Balloon ride so enjoyable. Everything is ambiguous, from the takeoff to the landing. Since flights are entirely dependent on weather, a decision to delay or even cancel them can be made minutes before takeoff. Furthermore, you can never predict which way the balloon will travel. Sure, you have some control over the elevation and direction, but a strong wind can apparently transport you anywhere.

How much it cost?

INR 11000/person for a standard balloon flight. For 1-3 people, a private balloon flight costs INR 55,000; for more than 3 people, INR 99,000. (for 4-8 people)

The flight usually takes place around sunrise, when the weather is nearly perfect and the views are spectacular. The tour lasts 2 hours, including 12-20 minutes for balloon inflation.

What make it awesome ?

They take you as high as 2,500 feet and make sure you’re safe the whole time. The pilots all have years of flying experience, and the ground crew follows the balloon until it safely lands. You’re seated inside a lovely wicker basket and whisked away to float over the sunshine state, passing long stretches of Goa beaches, tropical forests, and soaking in a surreal sunrise. In fact, the slight anxiety that comes with flying in a balloon makes for a participation and improve.

What could be better?

If you belong to North Goa, as most tourists do, this could be a very early morning for you. Guests will require a 2-hour buffer to arrive at their flying destination (so, you leave your hotel 2 hours before the expected sunrise). The views, on the other hand, more than compensate for the early start.

Pro Tip

The ride is weather dependent, so confirm your Search climate prior to actually booking your flights. They also postpone processes during the monsoons, which will last from June through September.

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