Bohemian Hideout: Exploring The Hosteller In Goa


Hello young people, do you need a break from the hectic life of cities and want a perfect beachside experience to break the heat? The hosteller Goa, Candolim is your calling. A perfect beachside experience and a lot of thrill awaits you to explore the hosteller. So what are you thinking? Pack your bags and enjoy the beachside beauty in the hosteller. This hostel is situated in the Candolim district.Let us discuss some features that may let you know why you should get a hideout in the hosteller, Candolim that you can never forget your whole life. 

Unique design of the hostel

The hosteller, Candolim is uniquely designed to always give you a natural vibe of the beaches that are kissed by the sun. The turfs are sandy that give you a constant beach feeling. As you step inside the hostel you get welcomed by murals that are in the common areas. To give you a local Goan vibe the local jute bags are hanging from the ceiling that shows the hospitality and light spirit of the place. With a Blue Bohemian theme Biophilia touch is given in the making of the hostel. These give you a natural vibe in even the living spaces which enhance your tranquility. 

The entrance is designed in a Portuguese style to give it a touch of history of the place. You get to see accents of bamboo and glazing windows when you enter the hostel. 

Places of recreation

With the common area experience you have plenty of choices. After entering through the main entrance you get an invitation to the chilling outdoor area. Then you get to enjoy the famous pool for a refreshing dive into the blue water of the pool. Then the indoor lounge room invites you where you get to know your fellow backpackers and connect with them, playing indoor games like board games, card games etc. Sounds interesting isn’t it?

Proximity of the Candolim beach and market

The beach is at a stone’s throw distance that is another speciality of the hosteller Goa, Candolim. You can go to the beach anytime to just sit back, relax and enjoy the golden sand. You can even take a dive in the sea as well. The Lawande market is also at a walking distance that will give you a chance to immerse into the Goan culture by seeing their local products. It will also fulfill your basic needs. 

Explore natural beauty like never before

In Goa there are more than 50 beaches to give you a lifetime experience of scenic beauty, mesmerizing sunsets, and beautiful backwaters. You can explore all these beauties from the hosteller,Goa, Candolim. From Candolim you can explore other natural beauties like waterfalls, old forts,museums etc. 

Explore the cultural blast of the unique hostel

No one can say there is nothing for him/her. There is something for every tourist out there. Be it watersports or hiking, or artist homes, dance parties for that matter. There are flea markets and food shacks as well. Now you need to decide which kind of cultural thing you need.

Its party time

There are blue water pools to boost your enjoyment. You can party there with fellow hostellers or you can play a game of Marco Polo with your friends if you bring them. So, party hard and play free. 

Amenities of your need

Are you wondering if your pet is allowed in the hostel or not? Do not worry your pet is as welcomed as you are in the hosteler,Goa, Candolim. You don’t even have to worry about the internet as there is free wifi connection as well. You get an air conditioner for absolute comfort in the heat. There are parking places and power back up as well. You get housekeeping and a water dispenser as well at your service.  

Health and security

There is 24/7 availability of a private doctor and a private ambulance in any case of medical emergency. The hosteller has CCTVs in all the common area space to ensure total security. The hostel follows all the covid guidelines strictly to ensure total security and safety of the tourists. 

Important timings

You need to check-in at 1pm as the rule suggests and the check-out timing is 11am. In case you are inviting any guest you can surely do that and the timing of coming of the guests is 10 am- 8 pm. 

In the Hosteller,Goa, Candolim you are provided with everything that is going to make you feel like home. You can make new friends here and forge new memories for life here. So, enjoy Goa from the Hosteller, Candolim.