Best Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Using Facebook marketing in your business is essential. We all know that. But still, many businesses do not take full advantage of this opportunity. Why? Because they do not fully optimize their social network profiles.

We believe that, beyond the specifics of the page and the market it targets, these basic elements are what a good business Facebook profile page must have.


The complete and right name of your business/company. You must understand that the NAP(name, address, phone number) must be the same on every web page.

Header Image

Facebook changed its policy regarding header images after it became clear that the situation had become out of control.

You can now use it to promote special offers and calls to action or to include the contact information of your company.

Remember that the image will only be seen if the user has not yet become a fan. They will then see updates on your page in their Timeline. So, keep this in mind when creating your graph.


This magic square will be the only thing that the user sees when they already like your page. Remember how small it looks, so ensure it represents your brand, service, or company.

The people who can make a unit using the header image, are good. They are only good for a moment when they’re together. It’s a lost branding opportunity.


Your page should have some details that show that it’s managed by people. Not by robots. You should only publish once per day. However, you should do so with the community in mind.

It is important to take the time to “Like”, comments made by your fans. You will gain two important things. Your fans will feel more important when they know someone is reading their comments. get Facebook likes

This is the second and equally important. This gesture will increase the

Content types

There are different types of Facebook content:

  • Photo
  • Album
  • Video
  • Link
  • Update
  • Survey/question
  • Offer
  • Event

All of them are available to you. Try contests. Only those carried out via applications are legal. You can lose your Facebook page if you run any other contests that are not done through an application.

You must ensure that your content is interesting. Kitten or puppy memes may bring you many “Likes”. They do not bring in business. They are neither short-term nor long-term.

Messages button

This option was added to Company Pages exactly one year after Facebook introduced Timeline Mode. It can be found under “Edit page/Edit settings”.

This will allow fans to send you a private message to ask questions, without publishing them on your Timeline.

Facebook Ads

It takes a lot to grow fans on your social media page organically, legally, and with dedication. For your business, you should always create content that is useful, honest, shareable, and relevant.

Facebook’s advertising system works well because it is free. When you’re on your own, make sure you have something to offer that is of interest to those you are trying to reach.

It is not necessary to feed Facebook every day. But you should try and remember it if you want your content to reach beyond your immediate circle.

As we mentioned at the start, it is important to take the time to learn the tool thoroughly to understand what you can and cannot do within it.

It will then be a question of committing the resources necessary and paying attention to the results that show that it’s worth it.

Facebook updates constantly, so you need to keep up with them and adapt your strategy. Contact us, if you want to improve your current Facebook marketing strategy or wanted a new one.