Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024

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  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • Weebly
  • Medium
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  • Yola
  • Joomla

Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024

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Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024

the Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024 in Blogger is truly closely-held by Google, thus it’s one in all the sole free blogging platforms that you just will install Google AdSense on and earn ad revenue. you furthermore might get access to Google Analytics to trace stats on your web site.

Unfortunately, you may still run into identical issues of restricted access to third-party software system and plugins. Blogger additionally isn’t updated fairly often, that the software system that’s accessible will typically be obsolete and fewer reliable.

Aside from the power to earn ad revenue, it’s still abundant tougher to legitimize your web site with Blogger.
Cons of Blogger as a Free Blogging web site
No possession of Your web site
Unfortunately, with Blogger you don’t truly own your web site. meaning Google will favor to pack up your web site if they require to.

Not as straightforward to Use as alternative choices
While Blogger is fairly straightforward to run, it will have the next learning curve than several of the opposite choices. It additionally encompasses a smaller payoff once you are doing learn the way to run it.

Limited Customization
There square measure many various things you’ll be able to modification with Blogger, however ultimately it’s not loaded down with customization choices.

Outdated Interface
Not a great deal of individuals square measure exploitation Blogger as a free blogging web site of late, as a result of it isn’t up-to-date with alternative choices like we’ve lessened here already. The interface isn’t as easy or fashionable as alternative blogging platforms.


the Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024 in WordPress is that the #1 most generally used blogging platform within the WORLD!

There are 2 versions of WordPress: (free) and (paid).

The free version comes with an equivalent limitations that we tend to represented higher than, that the remainder of this section are regarding (the self-hosted, paid version) that comes with access to loads a lot of options.

Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024

By far the simplest half regarding is that you just get access to THOUSANDS of plugins that enable you to customise your journal in an exceedingly style of ways that, as well as adding contact forms, email forms, social media buttons, then way more.

Other blogging platforms don’t seem to be as wide used, in order that they have fewer plugins, themes, and different customizations to settle on from.

Let’s consider the sensible aspect of that.

When you’re attempting to put in social media buttons or another feature on your journal and you Google a way to try this, the articles on the primary few pages of your search can all be for WORDPRESS plugins – not concerning Wix, Squarespace, or any of the opposite blogging sites that we’ll discuss.


More management over your journal style
Access to thousands of plugins and themes to customise your journal
Great client support and plenty of articles written on mistreatment the platform
Easier to integrate with most different software package as you grow your journal

A little bit a lot of of a learning curve compared to another blogging platforms
You need to handle your security and backups
Price: As low as $2.75/month however varies betting on that journal host that you just use to host your WordPress journal

Cons of Self-Hosted WordPress as a Free Blogging website
Hosting Isn’t Free
The WordPress blogging platform is free, however you’ll still need to purchase self-hosting. You’ll additionally have to be compelled to purchase a site name with this could be a deterrent for you, particularly if you’re searching for one thing that’s utterly free.

But, chances are high that as your journal grows you’re likely to need to seek out a platform that provides loads a lot of flexibility than the opposite free choices. rather than upgrading with a concept like Wix or Weebly, you’ll realize a reasonably cheap hosting arrange and develop a journal that’s specifically what you wish.

Higher Learning Curve
WordPress could be a sensible choice, even for newbies, however it will have the next learning curve than a number of our different free blogging sites like Wix or Weebly. The interface isn’t quite as simple to navigate because the different “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) web site builders on this list—without the correct theme and page builder.

If you are doing need to use a drag-and-drop page builder to make your journal, I’d extremely suggest Elementor. Here’s what it’s like behind the scenes:

Elementor Best WordPress Themes Drag and Drop Page Builder Example
Elementor has a tremendous free version that you just will use and it permits you to look at what your website can seem like before you hit publish.

Plus, once this page builder is paired with their Elementor’s (free) WordPress theme, it’s a lightning quick combination that’ll get your journal off the bottom quickly—and came upon well for the months and years to return.

One last potential downside to mistreatment self-hosted WordPress as your free blogging platform, is that you’re answerable for managing and maintaining everything on your journal. that features things guaranteeing security plugins ar safe, backups ar happening often and updates ar going live.

Some of this stuff could also be provided for you thru your internet hosting arrange, particularly if you’re employing a high hosting company like Dreamhost or Bluehost—but regardless, it will take a bit bit longer to take care of than a number of the opposite free blogging sites we’re covering here.


the Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024 in Wix is perhaps best identified for its drag-and-drop computer code. This makes it improbably easy with a way smaller learning curve. there’s a free version yet, however it’s even additional restricted than the free version of WordPress.

There area unit only a few customizations offered on the free version and you’re cursed Wix ads on your web site. The paid version is absolutely the sole thanks to go if you’re wanting to create cash.


Easy-to-use drag-and-drop computer code makes it improbably beginner-friendly
Less of a learning curve once building your web site

Far fewer choices for themes and third-party plugins
Plans area unit less versatile because of lack of hosting choices
Costs additional if you would like to make Associate in Nursing eCommerce store on your web site
Free version is extremely restricted and includes Wix ads on your web site
Far fewer computer code integrations than WordPress
Cons of Wix as a Free Blogging web site
Wix disapproval and Advertising
Like, if you utilize a free Wix web site, your web site can have Wix disapproval on that (which could be a commonplace feature of all free blogging sites).

Wix’s name are going to be in your universal resource locator, and there’ll be Wix advertising on your web site.

Little to No proof
Because Wix uses their own advertising, they are doing not enable you to run your own ads on the free version. There’s additionally no eCommerce choice for Wix’s free blogging sites.

Limited Blogging Functions
While Wix has terribly responsive web site options that create it simple and intuitive to use, its blogging platform isn’t as sturdy. It’s still simple to use, however it’s much more restrictive than the regular web site pages you’ll produce on Wix.

Bonus: If you’re curious about food blogging as a possible niche to dive deep into, then inspect my very own real-world approach to food web logging with my girlfriend’s vegetarian food blog, Vegan Anj.

No web site Migration
If you begin your web log and choose that Wix isn’t wherever you’d prefer to keep, it’s very troublesome to migrate off from their free blogging web site. they need no simple choice for web site migration, therefore you’ll got to be additional tech-savvy to transfer your content.

Can’t amendment Templates
Wix includes a nice choice of lovely templates, however you’re additional or less cursed one once you’ve chosen it—a fairly common incidence with free blogging sites like this. this can be an enormous downfall if you have got a distinct vision for your web log within the future, however nothing that can’t be overcome by operating with their support team.


the Best free blogging platforms to make money in 2024 in Medium may be a abundant completely different blogging platform from the opposite choices that we’ve delineated thus far as a result of it’s truly a community of writers and bloggers.

While Medium is straightforward to induce started and originated a basic website, it’s not ideal for those trying to create an internet business.

Medium is a lot of of an area to put in writing, have your thoughts detected, and connect with others. you can not place ads on your web site and you don’t own your audience.

On a conventional blogging platform, you drive traffic to your diary, own your social media accounts, and might build Associate in Nursing email list.

With Medium, you don’t own any of those sources of traffic and don’t have the standard list-building tools accessible to you.