All Classes In Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook

Find out which classes works best for you in Monster Menu and use that one to scavenge.

Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook is like a new restaurant’s menu in that it has something for every taste. So, whether you like to play as a mage, a thief, or something that swings a weapon, there’s something here for everyone to try.

The game has only one save file, so you can’t try out different classes to see what you like. Once you pick a class, you can’t change it. You should know what to expect before you start, so I hope this list helps you decide.


At first, it seems like a good idea to choose the Archer class. You can hit from a long distance and move faster than other classes. Not only that, but your bow’s attack power does a good amount of damage. So, again, this class isn’t a bad deal at first, but it has some major flaws if you look deeper.

The most obvious problem is weapons. You have to make all the arrows you’ll use in a battle, which is a shame because when you first start the game, you don’t have the right ingredients and tools. So instead, you have to skip turns by protecting or letting other people in your party do the work. When you add in your very weak defence, you’re in for a hard time.


The Thief has the most freedom of movement in the game, even more than an archer, and the fastest speed, which in this game decides which of your party members (other than the main character) goes first. It also has a stronger defence than the Archer.

Still, it has the same problems that the shooter class does. The Thief’s starting weapon is also a bow, so if you don’t have another weapon ready, you’re a sitting duck once your shots run out.


Even though the explorer can also use a bow, they start out with a sword. This means that they don’t have to worry about running out of arrows unless they want to. Plus, once they’ve moved up in their class, they can also learn and use great magic skills.

Even though you can use swords to hurt people, your strength could be better. Unfortunately, you’ll have to rely on buffs from meals to get some of the same fighting power as other classes, who can pull the same numbers naturally.


With the Barbarian class, you go from needing weapons to not needing any at all. You throw your hands at anyone who dares to cross your path, and they always end up wishing they hadn’t. Behind every punch a barbarian throws is a powerful attack. Still, they can use guns to give them an extra boost against their opponents.

But there is a price to pay for this great damage output. In return for high production, the barbarian has less-than-ideal defence, which means that if you leave yourself open, you should be ready to get hit as hard as you hit. Still, a one-hitter who only smokes once might decide that the risk of pain is worth it.


Want to kill your enemies fast and with raw power and aggression? If you want to kill a lot, the berserker class is the one for you.This class uses an axe to get the job done as quickly and as dirty as possible, no questions asked. It gets to the point quickly.

So, what’s the problem with the berserker’s unfiltered rage? Well, that’s the only good thing about it. You get to learn some skills along the way, but nothing as flexible as the swordsman or explorer, and you have to rely on other people to protect you, making you an all-powerful killing machine.


Mages are the only class that strikes first with magic. They are powerful spellcasters who can use any of the four elements to hurt an enemy in a flash and not feel bad about it. Basically turning into a gun of pure magical energy that rains on everything in the field.

But as a witch, you’re a soft target and don’t have enough defence to stay alive for long if you get hit. This makes you exposed, and you have to rely on other people to keep you safe while you use your orb magic. If you’re a mage in other role-playing games, this might be fine.


At last, you have a job where the defence helps you. As a swordsman, you have the strength to stand up to hard-hitting hits and protect those in your group who might not be able to keep up. You can also learn complicated magic like the adventurer does later in the game.

So why isn’t it higher up on the list? Physical strikes with this class are weak, which is ironic. A fighter who can’t hit hard with his or her sword seems to get the short end of the stick. Still, this class can take more items than the others, so its usefulness is about the same.


What this class lacks in… well, everything, it makes up for with its unlimited promise. Sure, at first, it doesn’t have the perks of every other job. Still, if you watch what you eat and what tools you give them, you can shape them into well-trained hunting machines.

Your starting stats will be the asterisk on the level you choose, making it hard. Even on the easiest setting, if you’re not used to strategy RPGs or survival games, the idle class can be hell if you’re not used to them. Getting ready ahead of time helps a lot.


The lancer class is by far the most balanced of all the classes. It is the best choice when you just want a normal character without having to think about all the pros and cons. Its spear has a good range and a good mix between attack and defence, which helps you stay alive. Not to mention later in Penalty Kick Online game being able to use magic.

This way of playing might not be for everyone, but it’s up to each player to decide for themselves. There are no major flaws, and it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the type.


When you think of chefs, you don’t think of someone whose main job is to cook and put themselves in the front lines of culinary experiences. This is what the game wants you to think about. They might be trying to trick you. Don’t let it fool you.

The only healer you get in the game is the chef, since none of the other classes have this skill. Since this is a game about food, that makes sense. But if the cook is built right, he or she can also become very strong in physical attacks.