About 3.5 Marla Residential Plots in Lahore Smart City

Real estate is an industry that attracts everyone because of its high yield of investment and promising returns. The industry works in two ways, you either buy a property for residential purposes or you buy it as an investment opportunity.

There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that real estate in Pakistan is growing exponentially in the past some years. This is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Lucrative Profit Potential
  • Population Rise
  • Urbanization
  • Investors and Developers With Potential Are Investing
  • Need for Affordable Housing Ventures
  • Expansion of Cities

Hence it is not wrong to say that the housing market of Pakistan is expected to grow more and more. This is further enhanced by the potential of the government to produce more people-centric real estate schemes.

Despite all this, the inflation and economic instability in Pakistan are making it difficult for people to secure an investment in the real estate sector. That is why news of the launch of 3.5 Marla residential plots is easily the deal of the year.

3.5 Marla Residential Plots in Lahore Smart City Location

Lahore Smart City is easily the most valuable project in Lahore, known for adding great scenic and economic value to the city of Lahore. This housing society location is supreme as it is at Lahore Bypass.

Here are some key points which can assure you all about the highly accessible nature of this residential scheme:

  • Located at the Lahore Bypass
  • GT Road – 4 Min Drive
  • M-11 Motorway – 9 Min Drive
  • M-2 Motorway – 9 Min Drive
  • Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road – 11 Min Drive
  • Lahore Ring Road – 19 Min Drive
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport – 30 Minutes

If you are looking for some landmarks that are closeby to this housing society. Here is a list of some of the landmarks which are nearby:

  • Lahore Bypass
  • UET Lahore
  • Ferozwala
  • Kala Shah Kaku
  • Kot Abdul Malik
  • Shahdara Town
  • M-11 Motorway

Launch of 3.5 Marla Residential Plots in Lahore Smart City

In terms of developers, this project is a collaboration between the two greatest real estate companies in Pakistan, HRL, and FDHL. HRL or Habib Rafiq Limited is a real estate company that is known for producing stunning and sustainable projects in the country and on a global scale. With over 50 years of experience, they are ruling the real estate industry of Pakistan.

FDHL also known as Future Development Holdings is also famous for its hard work and commitment to revamp the real estate niche of Pakistan with projects like Lahore Smart City.

The management has recently launched 3.5 Marla residential plots in Lahore Smart City. These plots allow you to secure a plot in one of the most awaited real estate projects in the country at stunningly low rates.

3.5 Marla Residential Plots in Harmony Park – Payment Plan

One of the most important and frequently asked questions after the launch of 3.5 Marla residential plots is about the payment plan of this project. In terms of affordable and cost-effective real estate, this one has hit it right out of the park.

Here is the payment plan for the 3.5 marla residential plots in Harmony Park, Lahore Smart City:

Total Price

1,850,000 PKR

Down payment (20%)

370,000 PKR

Quarterly Installments (14)

105,714 PKR

Perks of Investing in 3.5 Marla Plots in Harmony Park

Wondering why you also need to book a 3.5 Marla residential plot in Lahore Smart City? Here are some of the main reasons to convince you to do it as soon as possible:

Cost-effective Real Estate

There is no denying the fact that real estate is a secure investment venture for people. But it can be quite expensive for people who are surviving on a day-to-day wage system. A project like this offers those people a good and healthy chance to invest in real estate.

Accessible Real Estate

Expensive real estate is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can have a chance at real estate investment when everything from the down payment to the quarterly investment is hefty. That is when a real estate option such as a 3.5-marla residential plot comes into the picture.

High ROI

Because of the easy-to-follow payment plans and highly lucrative real estate appeal, the resale value of these plots is high as well. Therefore, if you are investing in this project today, you can rest assured of a promising ROI in the later stages of your life. It is a win-win for everyone.

Final Verdict!

Hence, there is not a single shadow of doubt regarding the resale prowess and high potential of real estate investment when it comes to 3.5-marla residential plots. Invest today and secure your money for tomorrow!