9 Questions We Have After Finishing Destiny 2: Lightfall

The Lightfall update for Destiny 2 told us a few things, but there’s still a lot we don’t know.

Whoever said that a game’s story comes second is not a fan of Destiny 2. Since the first game, the Light and Darkness Saga has been building up to an epic story about the long fight between the Traveller and The Witness. The main bad guy is a mysterious and powerful person, and you can learn bits and pieces about them as you go through the additions and seasons.

Lightfall, the second-to-last update for Destiny 2, has finally brought the Witness to the game. Many fans were excited for Bungie’s version of “Infinity War,” but “Lightfall” was just a training arc for Strand that left more questions than answers.

What Is The Veil?

The MacGuffin in Destiny 2: Lightfall is the Veil. It’s a key part of the plot that Osiris tells you to protect the whole time, but he never takes a second to explain why. The Veil is a source of energy for the advanced Neptunian city. It is deep underground in an abandoned Ishtar Collective lab. As seen in the last episode of the campaign, the paracausal entity has a lot to do with the Traveller.

This is all we know about the Veil so far. Rasputin and other figures have talked about it by name in the past, but no one knows where it came from or why.

Is The Veil The Traveler’s Heart?

There is a strong idea that the Veil is the Traveler’s heart. First, Ghost says that the Traveller feels the same way about the Veil. In the last story from the Witch Queen expansion, the Witness says that the key is in the Pale Heart. Then, in the last cutscene of the Lightfall campaign, it uses Ghost to connect the Veil and the Traveller, opening a portal to somewhere unknown.

Rohan also stopped the Vex from making a copy of the Veil, which they were trying to do with the Black Heart in the Black Garden. If the Traveler’s power comes from the Veil and it can be copied, it will only be a matter of time before it ends up in the wrong hands.

What Is The Radial Mast?

Big bad Calus is back to fight the Guardians again. This time, as the Witness’s newest pupil, he’s stronger than ever. In the task “Downfall,” you have to sneak onto Calus’s ship to find and destroy the Radial Mast, a tall, glowing monument. Ghost sensors showed that the artefact is a source of paracausal energy. This is probably where the thing that makes your powers go away came from.

Rohan asking questions about the Radial Mast, like what it does, is a difficult part. But Osiris quickly changes the subject because he doesn’t have time to explain why he can’t. No matter what it was, Rohan knew the threat was big enough that he would have to die.

The Many Details Of Neomuna

The secret Neptunian city of Neomuna is based on early 1980s science fiction. Its neon lights and augmented characters have a Cyberpunk-like Synthwave look. Even though they knew about the problems on Earth, the survivors of the Ishtar Collective colony ship that crashed on the crash planet kept to themselves.

The biggest question is whether or not the Veil was already in Neptune before they got there, which would mean that the Neomuni used its energy to power their high-tech gadgets. Another big set of questions is why they chose to stay hidden and never tried to help humans during past wars that threatened their survival.

Can Osiris Be Trusted?

Unfortunately, the obsessive academic Osiris was written to the extreme in Lightfall. For most of the campaign, he was a cranky old man, but after the ’80s training scene, he suddenly became a guide. Fans’ opinion that possessed Osiris is a much more developed character than his real self is telling.

Because of everything that has happened to him in the past, it’s easy to see why Osiris is so angry and upset, but it seems like the famous warlock just can’t catch a break. Misraaks turned remains of Nezarec into tasty Nezcafe in the last cutscene of Season of Plunder to wake Osiris up from his coma. Even though the idea made sense at the time, it could fail now that Nezarec is alive again.

Is Strand The Key to Defeating The Witness?

Lightfall’s campaign is mostly about finding and using Strand, with a few nods to the main plot thrown in to keep things on track. As you play Funny Shooter through the tasks, you’ll slowly find answers for Strand, and these answers will tell you more about what Darkness is.

Strand is a psychic energy that connects everything through a psychic dimension called the Weave. This is the most important piece of knowledge.

Osiris and the Cloudstriders were right when they said you need mental strength, not physical power, to control Strand. You also have to go with the flow. The second Darkness category is similar to Statis, which is a power that comes from stronger feelings like hate, love, and the need to be in charge. Strand could give the Vanguard the edge they need to beat the Witness.

What Happened To Calus’s Powers?

Cabal of Shame Emperor Calus is one of Destiny’s most long-lasting bad guys. Over time, the hedonistic exile gained many abilities, such as strong psionic skills that let him send his enemies to other dimensions.

During the battle, Calus was able to show off his famous floating head projection. He even built up enough psychic energy to wipe out Empress Caiatl’s forces in a single flash.

Calus’s raw strength and mental skill were made even better by the Witness’s gift. But in the final boss fight, he shoots at you with a minigun and chases you with a sword. The disappointing fight could be the result of sloppy game design, but it could also be the Witness’s plan to get your Ghost close to the Veil.

Will Savathûn Return?

Savathûn is the god of deceit, so it makes sense that she is a confusing person with unclear goals. One thing is true about her: she fights back against the Witness by doing things like locking up its first follower or trying to hide the Traveller from it.

Osiris also has a few flashes of the Witch Queen’s memories. In one, she is rebelling against the Witness by hiding the Veil from him.

Savathûn’s understanding of the Veil and the Witness could give him a huge advantage over the villain, who seems impossible to stop. She could also come back to finish the job because her lost Ghost can bring her body back to life from where Eris Morn has safely hidden it.

How About Everything Else?

Destiny 2 still has a lot of questions that might never be answered, like what Witness is trying to do. There’s that whole thing about the Nine and why they do what they do. Even though the Vex are everywhere in both games, we still need to find out more about them. There are also smaller mysteries that haven’t been explained, like the sea beast on Titan and the Wet Earth Monsters.

We hope that these questions will be answered in the game or in approved books. But for now, the most important question is where the Witness and its Black Fleet end up after going through the opening.