8 Uses For Gold In Minecraft

You might have thought that gold in Minecraft wasn’t very useful, but it is.

Gold is the only metal in Minecraft that has a bad name. Over the course of the game’s history, gold has been seen as the worst resource to mine, even though it is rare. This is because tools and armour made from gold don’t last very long.

This might have been true when gold first came into Minecraft, but since the Nether Update, it has become a very useful currency. Even though gold isn’t as important to your survival as iron or diamonds, it lets you explore parts of Minecraft that aren’t as clear-cut.

Golden Food

Since the beginning of Minecraft, when you could use Gold Blocks to make Enchanted Golden Apples, golden food has been a mainstay. As long as you have a little gold, you can make food with benefits that would take a lot more resources to get from potions.

The Golden Carrot has the second-highest saturation value in Minecraft, which means that it will keep your hunger bar full for longer. The Golden Apple gives you Absorption and Regeneration, which help your health during tough battles.

Piglin Management

Piglins can be mean when you first meet them. If you dare cross their path, they might attack you as soon as they see you. But as soon as you put on a piece of gold armour, even if it’s just a pair of Golden Boots, they don’t bother you at all. This is reason enough to look for gold, as the last thing anyone needs in the Nether is something else trying to kill them.

But that’s not the end of gold’s use when dealing with Piglins. If you throw Gold Ingots at their feet, they’ll do their “bartering” motion, which means they’ll eat your gold but drop a new item in exchange. Bartering is a great way to get to The End because you can get Ender Pearls from it.

Disposable Tools

Even though gold tools tend to break too quickly to be a main choice. We can use this to our advantage. Since clearing space for big projects usually involves a lot of useless mining. Why use your Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe when you can use a golden one?

When it comes to mining speed, gold is about the same as diamond. This means that you won’t lose much efficiency while doing a job. This is true for almost every tool. So if you need to quickly finish a lot of simple jobs, save your best tool and let gold do the rest.

Railway Systems

You can get across the world by holding the W key for a few minutes, but once you need to go uphill. You’ll realise how slow Minecarts are on their own. You need Powered Rails, which are the golden version of a normal Rail and send carts away at high speeds.

The great thing about Powered Rails is that they only need to be put every so often along a track. This means that you might not need too much gold to get a decently paced railway system going. Once you’re on the track, you can let go of the keyboard and watch as you go at Mach speed across the country.

Potion Making

Even though gold drinks aren’t as useful for survival as gold food, they are still very useful. Potion of Healing, which uses Glistening Melon Slices, and Potion of Night Vision, which uses Golden Carrots, both have golden elements.

Even though Golden Apples are best when you’re dropping health quickly, Potions of Healing aren’t too bad when you’re leaving a fight and want to save your Absorption for later. On the other hand, having night vision is always a good idea at night. It can help you avoid ambushes that you wouldn’t see coming otherwise.

Keeping Time

Information is often taken for granted, but it can make or break how effective you are in the world. If you don’t know something, you can end up in scary situations where you don’t have what you need. You should always keep an eye on the time. For example, if you come out of a mine in the middle of the night, groups of Creepers and Skeletons can attack you.

How do you know what time it is? You use a clock made of four Gold Ingots and a piece of Redstone. This should be the first thing you make once you have the materials you need. Because it makes it easier and safer to plan trips across the Overworld.

Netherite Upgrading

Even if you don’t want to use gold for its level of tools and armour, you’ll still need to get some if you want to get to Flappy Bird, which is the best material. To make a Netherite Ingot, you need four Gold Ingots and four Netherite Scraps. It takes about sixteen Gold Ingots to upgrade a full set of diamond armour.

Given how strong and long-lasting Netherite is, gold can never again be called weak. You can mine for a long time before even a quarter of Netherite’s life span is reached, making it the last level of tools and armour you’ll ever need.

Armor Trims

Armour Trims were added in the 1.20 Trails and Tales update. You can use Smithing Templates to add decorative trims to bits of armour. At the Smithing Table, you can use materials to change the colour of each trim. You can use any mineable resource, even gold.

Gold, as you might expect, gives the Armour Trim it’s used on a golden colour and a level of sophistication that not even the diamond trim can match. Even though some colour choices look strange when put together, gold trims go with almost every set of armour.