8 Pitfalls of Choosing a Cheap Conference Venue

Selecting the right conference venue is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the overall success of the event. From the accessible location and essential facilities to the ambiance and decor, every aspect of the venue plays a vital role in creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Unfortunately, many newbie event organizers fall prey to mistakes during the venue selection process, especially when looking at the price alone. While they’re budget-friendly, cheap venues that aren’t properly evaluated often lead to negative consequences that affect attendee experience, engagement, and the event’s overall outcome. 

Looking for the right conference venue for your corporate event? Here are 8 common pitfalls of picking an extremely cheap venue and how they can hinder your guests’ overall experience. 

1. Cramped venue with limited capacity


If you have a limited budget, a small, intimate venue might be the best way to go. However, a venue that is too small can create overcrowding, discomfort, and a lack of space for networking and engagement. Attendees may feel cramped and unable to fully participate in sessions or connect with peers, leading to a poor event experience.

Before booking a small venue, determine the maximum number of attendees expected, as well as the key people and staff. Consider how the furniture and equipment will take up space too. Ensure your venue has a flexible layout and can adapt to different seating arrangements and session formats. Lastly, think about venues with available breakout rooms.

2. Venues that are difficult to locate or access

No matter how well you market your event, people are still unlikely to attend if your venue is challenging to access. Difficulties in reaching the venue due to poor transportation connections or remote areas can result in lower turnout and decreased engagement. Attendees may find it burdensome to travel, leading to a negative impression of the event before it even begins.

Think about venues located in the heart of the city. Look for areas well-connected to transportation hubs, such as airports, train stations, and major highways, such as this events venue in Dublin. If you have foreign delegates or out-of-town attendees, consider the venue’s proximity to accommodation options. Assess parking availability and capacity too. 

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3. Limited accessibility and inclusivity

Is the venue inaccessible for certain attendees, including those with disabilities? A venue lacking proper accessibility features such as ramps, elevators, or accessible restrooms can alienate participants with mobility challenges. 

This may result in reduced attendance from individuals with disabilities or a compromised experience for those who do attend. Exclusionary practices can tarnish the event’s reputation and hinder opportunities for diversity and inclusivity.

4. Lack of facilities and amenities

You usually get what you pay for when it comes to going cheap on your venue. They often lack essential facilities and amenities, and this can hamper the effectiveness of presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. 

These include insufficient audiovisual equipment, limited Wi-Fi connectivity, inadequate seating arrangements, or a lack of appropriate breakout rooms. Attendees may struggle to engage with the content or experience technical difficulties, negatively affecting their perception of the event’s professionalism and quality.

5. Unreliable technical support


In today’s tech-driven world, planners should never settle for venues that don’t have reliable on-site technical support during the event. 

Technical difficulties can arise unexpectedly, and without proficient on-site support, resolving them can be a bit of a challenge. Issues with audiovisual equipment, connectivity, or other technical aspects can disrupt sessions, compromise presentations, and create frustration among both speakers and attendees. A lack of prompt technical assistance can reflect poorly on the event’s overall organization and professionalism.

6. Venues with poor acoustics and sound quality

Never overlook the importance of acoustics and sound quality within the venue. Poor sound quality such as muffled audio, echoes, or distracting background noise can make it difficult for participants to fully comprehend presentations or engage in discussions. This can lead to frustration, reduced

 attentiveness, and a less impactful learning experience.

7. Subpar catering options


Your guests might not remember everything about your presentation but they’ll never forget how bad your food was. Inadequate or subpar catering can lead to dissatisfied attendees. Insufficient food options, limited dietary accommodations, or poor-quality meals can detract from the overall event experience. Participants may feel undervalued or dissatisfied, impacting their perception of the event’s organization and attention to detail.

8. No dedicated event coordinator on-site

Choosing a venue that lacks a dedicated event coordinator or experienced staff can be a recipe for disaster, especially for newbie planners. Without a knowledgeable and proactive event coordinator, the overall event coordination may suffer. Miscommunication, disorganization, and delays in addressing issues can negatively impact the event flow, leading to a chaotic atmosphere and dissatisfied attendees. 

A lack of attentive staff can also result in inadequate support for logistical aspects, leaving event organizers overwhelmed and unable to focus on delivering a seamless experience.

Selecting the right conference or seminar venue is a critical aspect of event planning. By understanding and avoiding common mistakes, event organizers can ensure a positive impact on the success of their events. Considering factors such as capacity, location, facilities, catering options, accessibility, technical support, and event coordination helps in creating a conducive environment for attendees to engage, learn, and connect. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a passionate writer for Meet in DCU, a unique conference venue in Dublin which is perfect for corporate meetings, conferences, seminars and events. Writing articles about travel and lifestyle is one thing she finds enjoyable, next to playing the piano.