8 Devastating Combos In Street Fighter 6

When done right, these deadly attacks in Street Fighter 6 will deal a big blow to the other player.

After more than seven years since the last Street Fighter game, Street Fighter 6 is finally here. Capcom’s latest entry into the fighting game genre takes into account many of the complaints players had about the previous game in the series. As a result, it’s a more accessible, nuanced, and customizable game that both fighting game veterans and complete beginners can play and have a great time with.

Street Fighter 6 has three different ways to control the game, each one made for different skill levels. Classic has the features that Street Fighter fans are used to, which is exactly what it sounds like. Modern, makes it easier for new players to use the controls, but keeps the tactical depth of the game. And Dynamic, for people who just want to press a few buttons and watch the punches fly. In each case, players can pull off a large number of deadly combos. Even if these combinations don’t guarantee a win, they won’t hurt anyone’s chances either.

Manon: Révérence ~> Grand Fouretté ~> Dégagé

Manon is a new character in Street Fighter 6, which came out in 2012.She is from France, and when she fights, it’s like how players might think a mad dancer would fight. She also looks the part, which could make some players think she’s not as good as she is. This will stop as soon as her foot hits them in the face.

Manon has a lot of spinning kicks and punches, but a good mix is to use her Révérence move (Back + Heavy Punch) and then her Grand Fouetté move (Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch into Kick).

Chun-Li: Serenity Stream ~> Senpu Kick ~> Spinning Bird Kick ~> Tenshu Kicks

Chun-Li is one of the most well-known Street Fighter characters. Back in the day, there was even a movie about her. There was little question that she would be in Street Fighter 6, and her fast, wide-ranging kicks are still as powerful and dangerous as ever.

Chun-Li’s most useful skill has always been the speed with which she can close from mid-range. This combo is great for getting through defences. It starts with her Serenity Stream and ends with her Senpu Kick (Quarter-Circle Back + Punch into Medium Kick). Then, players can close in from mid-range with the Spinning Bird Kick (Hold Down + Up + Kick).

Luke: Light Punch ~> Medium Punch ~> Heavy Punch ~> Flash Knuckle ~> Eraser

Luke is back in Street Fighter 6, but his moves have been changed to make them easier for beginners to learn than they were before. Luke’s strength comes from being close, which is also where most of his moves do the most damage. He does have some skills that help him close the gap, though.

Luke’s best routines often start with a standing Light Punch, followed by a Medium Punch, and then a Heavy Punch. These strikes aren’t hard to block, but they help Luke close the distance between him and his opponent. After those three hits, Luke’s Special Moves can be used to continue the combo, but the Flash Knuckle (Quarter-Circle Back + Punch) is great because it is strong on its own and can be used to keep the combo going.

Kimberly: Hidden Variable ~> Heavy Kick ~> Medium Punch ~> Heavy Punch ~> Bushin Senpukyaku

Kimberly is an American girl who uses a fighting style called Bushido that is unique to the Street Fighter series. She is one of the new characters added to Street Fighter 6. She is a fighter who moves quickly and has a number of skills that aren’t hits but are used to quickly close the distance between her and her opponent.

Kimberly will be launched into the air when she starts a combo with Overdrive Hidden Variable (Quarter-Circle Back + Punch), making her next Heavy Kick an aerial move. The Medium Punch followed by a Heavy Punch makes the combo last longer and sets up her opponent for a Heavy Bushin Sempukyaku (Quarter-Circle Back + Heavy Kick) to end the attack.

Ryu: Light Punch ~> Light Punch ~> Light Punch ~> Hadoken

Even though a Street Fighter movie was about Chun-Li, Ryu is the most well-known character in the series. He’s been on the box art for decades, and his Hadoken move has become a pop culture icon outside of the games themselves.

This pattern works really well with that move. It’s not fancy, but neither are Ryu’s most effective combos, since he’s one of the easier characters to use.It starts with three Light Punches that come one after the other. Ryu then cancels the third Light Punch into his Hadoken (Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch).

Guile: Medium Kick ~> Light Punch ~> Sonic Boom ~> Dragon Suplex

Guile has been a mainstay in the Street Fighter series since Street Fighter II: The World Warrior came out in 1991, so it’s no wonder that he’s back in the game with his ridiculously tall flattop haircut. He also has eyebrows now! Capcom, thank you.

This combo starts out like many other characters’ long combos, but Guile needs to add an extra punch to build up his charge timer. Starting with a Medium Kick while kneeling and then following it up with a Light Punch sets Guile up well for an Overdrive Sonic Boom (Hold Back into Forward + Punch), which will always knock down an opponent if it hits.

Dhalsim: Yoga Teleport ~> Heavy Kick ~> Divine Kick ~> Yoga Flame

Dhalsim is one of the characters in Street Fighter who is the most different from the others. He is both one of the hardest characters to get good at and one of the hardest characters to beat. His strikes can reach far, which makes him one of the best anti-air characters in Happy Wheels game. Even though he moves slowly, his range can make up for it.

Yoga Teleport is another skill of Dhalsim that helps to make up for how fast he moves. It does exactly what it sounds like it does. This combo starts with an overhead Yoga Teleport (Forward + Punch x 3), and when he comes back, he does an overhead Heavy Kick that sends him back down at the opponent. After that, do a Divine Kick (Back + Medium Kick) and then a Yoga Flame (Half-Circle Back + Punch), which will knock the opponent down.

Jamie: The Devil Inside ~> Medium Kick ~> Swagger Step ~> Freeflow Kicks

Jamie is a new fighter in Street Fighter 6, and he is the first one to use the Chinese drunken fist fighting style. He is Luke’s official rival in the story. Jamie is a hard character to get a handle on because he has to drink his “herbal concoction” (which isn’t alcoholic, of course) in order to use his more powerful moves.

The Devil Inside (Down+Down+Punch) is a skill that Jamie can use to raise his Drink level. This lets him use a new set of skills. Then, players can use this combo, which starts with a Medium Kick, continues with a Swagger Step (Quarter-Circle Back + Punch), and ends with Freeflow Kicks (Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch into Forward + Kick into Forward + Kick), a flurry of kicks that will knock their opponent down.

Street Fighter 6 came out on June 2, 2023, and you can play it on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.