3 Signs That You Have Wasp Control Services

Unwelcoming guests in the warmer season, wasps, like other pests, are dreaded by many homeowners. These yellow-colored buzzing creatures usually live in a nest with numerous other companions and pose some serious risks. Their sting can prove to be quite painful; thus, it requires immediate attention.

Wasp infestation is a serious problem for which you should trust professionals and no one else. You may find plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques to get rid of wasps but they do not come without risks and dangers. One wrong move on your part and a huge number of wasps will be flying towards you with the intention of attack.

Before you are hiring the best wasp control Richmond BC services, you need to be sure that you are dealing with a wasp infestation problem. These are some of the major signs that indicate there is a wasp nest in your home. Read on to know more:

How to Know You Need Wasp Control Services?

Frequently Encountering a Wasp

A visit by a wasp occasionally doesn’t raise a concern. However, if you frequently come across this pest in and around your property, there is a high chance that there’s a wasp nest.

The important thing here is that you need to be able to differentiate between a wasp and a bee. Wasps are slender pests having longer wings. Encountering wasps regularly can lead to serious issues if not taken care of properly, particularly if you have kids at home who like to play outdoors.

Pieces of Chewed Woods

Finding pieces of chewed words in the vicinity of your home is a sign that there’s a case of wasp infestation. And so, you need wasp control services. This is due to the fact that some species of wasp use chewed wood to build their nest. While doing so, they may drop a few pieces on the ground. If you have found such pieces of wood, take immediate action as it is an indication of an alarming situation.

Be mindful that some other pests also use this type of wood. However, there is a chance that it is not a wasp infestation. Either way, you need to take quick action as an infestation by any type of pest can prove to be dangerous. Contact wasp control services as early as possible in such a situation.

A Wasp Nest

Needless to say, it’s a crystal clear sign that you are a victim of wasp infestation. A nest, whether big or small, poses serious risks. So, do not attempt to follow any DIY technique no matter how easy it looks on the internet. There are some things that need to be left to professionals, and wasp control extermination is one such thing.

An important thing you need to know here is that different species of wasps create different types of nests. Generally, a small nest is crested by queen wasps. This usually begins in the spring season. Once they have created this small abode, they lay their first batch of eggs. These eggs produce workers, who take over the responsibility of building the nest from queens. Thus, the size of the nest grows. Up till mid-summer, the size of the nest grows up to a great extent.

For the uninitiated, a wasp nest looks like it is made using wood fibers that are joined with the help of a saliva mixture. You will see wasps hovering around this nest. Even if you don’t, it’s never a good idea to get close to their abode. Wasps are aggressive pests and they can attack anyone that has come closer to their nest.

If you can’t find the wasp nest and suspect there is one in your home, observe the flight of returning wasps. These nests can be usually found behind shutters, under garden sheds, or any other shaded part of your home that isn’t frequently used. In some cases, there is a possibility of a wasp nest in your attic as well.

Final Thoughts

No matter where the wasp nest is located, hire wasp control experts to take care of the issue. You can easily find pest control companies in your area that specialize in wasp control and extermination. Call them for inspection and schedule their services. On the scheduled day, they will come all prepared and geared and efficiently handle the situation.