2023 Tips: Amazon Account Reinstatement Appeal

Sellers are hit like a lightning bolt by the Account Suspension. In most cases, it comes out of nowhere and lasts for good. It’s common knowledge that breaking Amazon’s sales policies or terms of service may have disastrous consequences for a business. Learn the most common causes of Amazon suspending seller accounts and how to prevent it below. This article will be helpful if you are already dealing with a suspension issue.

The sudden and, at first glance, mysterious removal of a seller’s account or listings is a major source of anxiety for Amazon’s merchant community. 

This is a legitimate worry. Your significant investment of time, effort, and money in your Amazon account is at risk if Amazon suspends your account. Your Amazon company, and everything your investment in it, may be wiped out at any time.

Thankfully, it isn’t anything you need to stress about. To assist you safely traverse the murky seas of Amazon account suspensions, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide.

This blog post will go through the ins and outs of getting a suspended Amazon account for health and wellness unblocked.

  • Why Would Amazon Delete a Seller’s Account?
  • Account Suspension Procedures
  • When Amazon bans your account, what happens next?
  • Amazon’s procedure for informing customers about account suspensions 
  • What recourse do you have in the event of Amazon suspension or suppression?
  • The uncontrollables: Policy shifts and shady vendors
  • Conclusion

Why Would Amazon Delete a Seller’s Account?

If an Amazon seller’s account is suspended, they will no longer be able to sell any products that have a “suspended” status. First, Amazon sends a warning notice to the seller, stating the cause for the suspension and the ASIN or product number.An Amazon seller receiving a warning notice should take it seriously. Ignoring such cautions might lead to an unexpected and unfavorable outcome.

Suspension of an Account Progression

Put on hold –

An explanation of why and what kind of goods Amazon is no longer taking orders for. You, the seller, retain the ability to file what is known as an Amazon suspension appeal (more on this below).

Negated –

You can only ask and hope that your appeal will be granted once you’ve sent it. Otherwise, you’ll just have to deal with the fact that your appeal was turned down.If your Amazon Action Plan has already been declined, Amazon will not consider any further appeals from you. The problem would only become worse if you kept appealing to Amazon and sent them aggressive letters.

When Amazon bans your account, what happens next?

There are four distinct sorts of suspensions that may be applied to a seller account on Amazon. We ranked their intensity from least to most severe.

Suppression of ASINs

The ability to sell an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) may be blocked in addition to having your account suspended.

Even if an ASIN is hidden, Amazon still has it in their system. However, you cannot sell the goods on your own. But, much as with suspended Amazon accounts, you may submit a request to have your ASIN reactivated.

The ‘Plan of Action’ (POA) following will teach you how to undo an ASIN ban. 


When Amazon decides to terminate a seller’s access to the site, it begins by temporarily deactivating the seller’s account. Even while being suspended seems unpleasant, it really gives you the opportunity to challenge the suspension. 

If you’re fortunate, Amazon will explain why your account was suspended and give you a week to file an appeal after receiving news of the suspension. 

When this occurs, you’ll need to address Amazon’s concerns by drafting a Plan of Action letter explaining how you intend to do so.

Again, the specifics of crafting such a Plan of Action letter are discussed further on in this piece.


It’s possible that Amazon may reject your Plan of Action (POA) after you’ve already submitted it. Even if your status is rejected, it is not the end of the world. You may always revise and resubmit to strengthen your argument. 

The number of times an appeal may be resubmitted is also unrestricted. 

Some merchants, I’ve seen on vendor message boards, have sent Amazon many appeal letters before agreeing to the POA they required.


Finally, a permanent ban is the worst possible situation for a banned Amazon seller.

If Amazon has permanently removed your account, they will no longer respond to your communications or consider your Plans of Action. That means you’re out of here. 

While it is possible to create a new account, Amazon is adept at “sniffing out” false accounts, ultimately ending your career as an Amazon seller if you are banned.

Amazon’s procedure for informing customers about account suspensions 

If Amazon decides to suspend your seller account, you will be notified via Seller Central and, most likely, your registered email address. If you want to see how your Amazon Seller account is doing, check out the Account Health area in Seller Central. 

Remember that Amazon would never send you a text message, thus you should never open a link sent to your phone from an unknown sender.

What recourse do you have in the event of Amazon suspension or suppression?

You can see all the criteria Amazon uses to determine your overall performance rating in Seller Central under the heading Performance > Account Health. There are essentially three parts:

Rate of defective orders and quality of customer support. A customer’s experience may be summed up by looking at your order fault rate. Negative comments, accepted A to Z Guarantee claims, and reversed credit card charges all have an impact on the refund percentage. Amazon requires a failure rate of less than 1 percent on all orders.

Compliance with product policies. None of the product rules set out by Amazon can be broken. A seller’s reputation may be damaged by even a single complaint in any of the following areas:

  • IPR infractions
  • Protests against Fake Products
  • Infractions of the Listings Policy
  • Warranty Statements
  • Policy breaches regarding restricted items
  • Safety claims for a product
  • Policy breaches in customer-submitted product reviews



Despite all the hype surrounding e-commerce, only serious would-be sellers are aware of the many obstacles that must be overcome in order to be successful when selling on international marketplaces like Amazon. Never forget that Amazon is the host, and that you are a guest there at their discretion if you decide to sell anything there.  You can only do as well as you’re capable of doing, which means being open and honest about your sales account, having all relevant paperwork on hand, monitoring listings closely, and verifying them against one other often for signs of unethical copying. Do not be afraid to pursue legal action against Amazon if you are certain that they have violated your right to sell items on their site. 

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