13 Great Kenshi Mods You Need To Try

The best Kenshi mods make the game even more like the best open role-playing game for a post-apocalyptic world, so you should check them out.

Kenshi does the dream of unrestricted discovery and freedom better than most other sandbox games. In the post-apocalyptic desert, the player can be a trader, a bandit, a dealer, a survivor, a slaver, a killer, a bounty hunter, a warlord, or something else entirely. The only real limit to what the player can become is their own imagination, provided the desert doesn’t kill them first.

Even though Kenshi is very deep, it could still be better, and that’s where changes come in. The best Kenshi mods make the game even closer to being the best post-apocalyptic sandbox roleplaying game. They do this by making small but important quality-of-life changes, reworking important game features, and changing how NPCs and groups are handled. Here are a few mods that every person should have.

Recruitable Prisoners

In Kenshi, players can take prisoners by taking away their guns and putting them in a cage. This is a great addition to a game that already has so many different ways to play that it’s hard to keep track. Still, some people would have liked a feature like the one in Rimworld where they could convince a prisoner to join their party. This is something that is missing from Kenshi’s base game.

With the Recruitable Prisoners mod, players can do exactly what the name says they can do: hire prisoners. There aren’t many chances of persuading a prisoner, which makes sense since most inmates wouldn’t want to join their captors on their own. Still, it’s satisfying to see a man who was locked up become a hard-working member of the base after the player persuades him to join his side.

Nice Map – Variations

The world of Kenshi is very big, and it will probably take a lot of playthroughs and hours of game time before players get to see everything there is to see. The in-game map makes it easy to keep track of what’s going on, but some players thought it would be better.

Even for such an easy change, there is a mod that makes the world map look much better. If that wasn’t enough, this map also has several different versions, so players can pick the one they like best. It’s a small change, but it shows how great mods are for making every part of a game work better. Kenshi is no different.


Many people say that Kenshi is a great game, but that its graphics are not its best part. They may be good at telling you what’s going on on the screen, but that’s about all they do. For what it’s worth, Kenshi’s world is dull and sad, so it makes sense that the graphics don’t stand out much. However, some players would still like to spend hundreds of hours on a pretty game, which is fair.

This is where the TSUKI ReShade mod comes in. It is easily one of the best ways to make the game look better. After installing this, the game’s graphics will all of a sudden have depth, which makes a huge difference for players who care a lot about graphics. Even though Kenshi still doesn’t look all that great, this mod does a great job of making it look a little more current.

Less Foliage And Rocks

Kenshi is an easy-to-play game that can be played on a lot of different devices. But because this game’s huge map and assets put a lot of stress on a machine, it’s only a matter of time before the FPS of this game takes a big hit. This can be a big problem for many players who just want to get into this great game without having to deal with its technical problems.

Here, changes like Less Foliage and Rocks really come in handy. There are levels of this mod that remove all of the plants and rocks that cover the world. This improves speed on many systems by a lot. This great mod is the only thing players need to find if they just want to play this game’s mechanics without thinking too much about how it looks.

Stackable Items

In Kenshi, players can’t really add items unless they have a trader’s backpack. This can make it very hard to save up materials early on, so it was only a matter of time before a mod came to fix these problems. This comes in the form of Stackable Items, which is a pretty good quality-of-life mod that makes up for the fact that the game doesn’t have stacking built in. This saves players a lot of trouble.

Players should also be aware that this mod can mess up job automation because workers will have to gather 1000 units of a certain thing before sending it to storage. Players can avoid this by setting the stack limit to something more reasonable, like 50.

Dark UI

The first mod that’s worth paying attention to doesn’t suddenly fix up the world, change the factions a lot, or make all-out war the norm.The Dark UI mod is a simple change that improves the quality of life, but it is a very important one because it fixes a common complaint: that the normal UI is too bright.

Making things easier to read and move around in is a small but important change that most players will notice right away and be grateful for. Even if mods aren’t usually a player’s first choice, it’s hard to argue with something that makes basic gameplay less painful and more welcome, even if it doesn’t give the player a house full of robot turrets.

Faction Caravans

Given that the story takes place in a desert after the end of the world, caravans between towns and outposts make a lot of sense. They bring supplies and other help to communities that would otherwise be alone. The group Caravans mod builds on the idea of travelling traders in the base game by making caravans for each group.

They do more than just move goods between towns, though. They add to the world by building on the history and personalities of each group. In short, the groups act in a way that makes sense for who they are. The Trader’s Guild brings things that can be sold. The Holy Nations are unfair to things that aren’t people. Every time Kenshi does something, his world gets a little bit bigger.

Peeler Machine

How useful the peeler machine is depends on how upset the person is willing to be. If the answer is “very,” the Peeler Machine mod can become an important part of the player’s game. By putting dead bodies into the machine, the player can take their parts and use them again.

Gross? Absolutely.┬áBut this troubling process lets the player change the parts of their characters’ bodies. More importantly, it lets people replace limbs that have been cut off, which happens a lot in this harsh desert world, where healing isn’t always enough. Even though you can already buy mechanical replacements at shops in the base game, the peeler machine makes them even better.

In-Game Biome Map

The map that comes with Kenshi’s base game is mostly fine. It’s big, has a decent amount of detail, and does a good job at least of showing the player where the important cities are and helping them get around. The usual map is missing one important thing, though: a breakdown of the different biomes of the world. The In-Game Biome Map mod can help in this case.

By giving each biome a different colour to make it stand out, the biome map makes it easy to see which places are better for travelling than others. When it’s time to build a base of one’s own, this feature is even more important because it lets the player find a place to build that has the tools they need to make a strong community that can survive the game’s harsh conditions.

Interesting Recruits

It is possible to play the game by yourself, without taking anyone else with you. Instead, you can choose to face the dangers and challenges of the desert by yourself. This is how The Wanderer Beginning starts 8 Ball Pool game, and some players like it better.

Most, though, will want a friend or two at some point, and new hires are the best way to fill out the team. Most trainees in the vanilla game are pretty boring and don’t bring much or anything new to the table.This is fixed by the Interesting trainees mod, which adds more than two dozen different trainees, each with their own interesting backstory and dialogue.

Populated Cities

How many people would you expect to see in a Mad Max-style desert world after the end of the world? Not many. Even by that standard, though, vanilla Kenshi can sometimes feel a bit empty, with cities and trade hubs that feel far too empty. The Populated Cities mod changes the way people live, but it also makes a number of other important changes.

The Populated Cities mod adds NPC schedules, which is one of the biggest changes. The schedules give the NPCs something to do, which makes the world feel more real and alive. With this mod, characters will also go to the player’s store to buy from them. This gives a feature that wasn’t being used much a new lease on life.

256 Recruit and Squad

In Kenshi, hiring new partners is an important part of getting stronger and being able to take care of yourself. This is true whether you’re mining, farming, or fighting for your life. In vanilla Kenshi, a player can only have up to 30 characters in their group. With the 256 join and Squad mod, the maximum number of people you can join goes up to 256, and the maximum number of people in a squad goes up from 5 to 30.

This big rise may seem like too much, but it doesn’t change the game in the way you might think. In fact, the 256 Recruit and Squad mod is the only way a player can build an army, start a mining village, or start their own city.

Reactive World

It’s true that the Reactive World mod makes Kenshi’s world more responsive, but what does that mean in practise? Tribes that eat each other fight for power, killing each other until only one tribe is left to rule over the ashes. The hives attack the world in a mad rush to get back their stolen queen. Dust pirates start a civil war to choose a new king in case the current one dies.

The Reactive World mod makes Kenshi react more to what the player does or doesn’t do. This adds to the game’s already high level of realism and choice. This mod is one of the best in Kenshi because it is unpredictable and can be played over and over again.

Kenshi can be played on PC.