12 Design Tips for New Trade Show Booth Makers

If you are new in the field of Trade Shows or booth building and confused that what should you consider while planning for a trade show booth ideas then you have come to the right place to solve your problem. In this blog, we have compiled all the elements of designing a perfect exhibition stand and making your upcoming trade show successful. Read and follow these tips as guidelines:

Keep It Simple:

It’s your first Trade Show Booth so it is better to keep it simple and decent. Avoid a cluttered look and stick to a simple, clean design, and mainly focus on your key message and brand. There are many sizes of trade show booths available from a 10×10 trade show booth to much larger like 50×50 and more. Choose the size according to your own budget.

Use Vibrant Colors

Choose a bold color scheme that will attract attention, especially reds, oranges, and bright blues. These colors are eye-catching and the human eye automatically tends to be attracted to them. But keep in mind that try to use a combination of two main colors and don’t go overboard with too many colors.

Include Lighting

Spotlights, LED lights, or CFLs help showcase your trade show design companies and attract visitors. You can have huge screens depicting your Brand and its key messaging as well as some important pictures of your company’s work. But make sure the lighting isn’t too bright or harsh as visitors avoid taking a look at too much bright lighting.

Have a Banner

To provide your booth a more professional look and also provide your Brand more visibility by the public try to include a banner prominently displaying your company name and logo. Huge good-looking banners or holdings with vibrant color combinations also can be easily seen from a large distance.

Use Vertical Space

 Take advantage of vertical banner stands, pop-up displays, or wall space to show information high and capture interest. Using vertical space can also give you extra space at no extra cost but make sure it doesn’t block views of neighbouring booths.

Include Product Displays

 The primary focus of your trade show booth is to prompt your Brand and products to the visitors. So, it is very important that you must showcase some of your actual products or their samples. This gives visitors a tangible sense of what your company offers and how good your products actually are.

Use an Eye-catching Centrepiece

Custom trade show exhibits and include something bold, large, and visually interesting to draw crowds, like a video wall, interactive display, virtual reality demo, etc. You can also showcase your most premiums Product boldly; this will also be very eye-catching to the visitors.

Provide Collateral

 Make sure that at your booth you have flyers, brochures, business cards, giveaways, and any other collateral items related to your Brand, Products, and Services on hand so that you can share them with visitors. These things they will keep with them and even after the event ends they will highlight your Brand.

Staff Properly

 Ensure that friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging staff are present at all times to interact with visitors. The staff should be able to answer all the queries of the visitors as well as provide every information about the brand and product properly. If your staffs are bilingual or multilingual then it will also be a plus point for you.

Include Live Demos

 If possible, conduct live demonstrations, presentations, or mini-workshops at your booth. Give a full overview of your products and services by providing these life demos as these interactive experiences are memorable for visitors.

Meet and Greet

 Stand in front of your booth to attract visitors, smile, make eye contact, and personally invite them into your booth. You can also have a reception with a receptionist sitting there and engaging with the visitors with a warm welcome.

Follow Up Appropriately

At last follow up with high-quality leads after the show to keep your company and products fresh in attendees’ minds. Have a proper system dedicated to collecting the contact details of the visitors so that a marketing team after the event can get connect with them and find potential customers and clients for the company.

So these were some of the best trade show booth ideas that you must have in your mind while you are going to have your first Trade show or Exhibition.