10 Questions Need Answers Before Destiny 2 Finishes

As the last Destiny 2 update gets closer, fans still have a lot of questions they want answered before the end credits.

Destiny 2 is getting close to its end. With the release of Lightfall, it’s only a matter of time before The Final Shape, the epic ending to Destiny 2 and the story that fans have been following for almost a decade, brings the Light vs. Darkness story to a close. Still, there isn’t much time left, and players have a lot of hopes and questions about Destiny 2 before it’s all over.

No one knows for sure what will happen after The Final Shape in the Destiny series. But there are some endings that fans would like to see. Destiny2 has presented a lot of stories and characters that need to come to an end. Hopefully, some of these questions will be answered before the game is over.

What Is The Witness?

As of the release of the Lightfall update for Destiny 2, no one knows what happened to the Witness. As the main bad guy in the Destiny games, it makes sense that the Witness is the most mysterious and interesting character to players. At the end of the day, this being is so big and powerful that it was able to break up a Ghost and its Guardian with just a thought.

No one knows what the Witness is at all. Whether it was a person who got a lot of power or something that came from Darkness itself. The Witness is only known for being obsessed with the Final Shape and chasing after the Traveller. Which makes me wonder what and why.

What Are The Nine’s Motives?

The Nine are one of the most mysterious things in all of Destiny. They have power over both Light and Dark, and they live in a world that no one really understands. Only that they are made of dark matter is known about the Nine. No one knows what they can do or why, but they seem to be very interested in the wars that the Guardians are fighting, though no one knows why.

The Nine don’t seem to be friends or foes, but they did help bring down the tower because one of them stopped the Guardians from seeing that the Red Legion was coming to the Last City, which started the Red War. Before the end of Tunnel Rush game, the Nine need to know more.

What Is The Veil?

The Veil caused the most confusion about Lightfall and the Destiny group as a whole. Many ideas have been made about this strange paracausal entity or artefact, but no one has come up with a good answer. Only that the Veil has something to do with the Traveller and its “Pale heart” is known about it.

No one knows who made the Veil or what it is for. With the new Destiny2 seasons coming out that will tell more of the story, maybe we’ll find out more before The Final Shape. But the Veil is still a secret that could lead to the Traveler’s death.

Will Xivu Aratah Appear?

So far, the Guardians have killed Oryx and Savathûn, two worm gods. Still, one member of the party hasn’t lost yet. Xivu Arath is the only sister of Oryx and Savathûn who is still alive. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t shared the spotlight, though. As the God of War, Xivu Arath has already let the Guardians know that she wants to be the most dangerous warrior in the world.

Xivu Arath’s relationship with her brothers, who have since died, is complicated. Taken and Hive are always a threat, and as the God of War, Xivu Arath may try to take these forces for herself. She has already set siege to the homeworld of the Cabal, and many fans wonder when they will see Xivu Arath in person, since she is the last piece of the Darkness puzzle.

What Are The Traveler’s Intentions?

The Traveller has its own will, which Guardians find very strange. The Traveller has led many people to heaven. But then left them when they needed him most, like the Eliksni people. The Traveller doesn’t talk; it’s sleeping on Earth. And there’s no Speaker to talk about its plans and goals.

Since the Witness is now inside the Traveller, it won’t be long before the Guardians find out more about the thing that gave them life but also forced them to serve the Light. The Traveller has made people wonder what it wants, and hopefully they will find out soon. Is the Traveller only good or does he have all the power?

Will Savathûn Be Resurrected?

Since the Witch Queen lives off of lies and trickery, it’s not surprising that there are still many questions after Savathûn’s death. Even though the Guardians killed Savathûn, she is by no means done with the story. Her ghost, Immaru, is still alive and looking for a way to bring Savathûn back to life and bring the Witch Queen back to life.

There are many reasons why Savathûn is important to the story. She tricked the Witness and fought against its followers, and she also has an odd bond with the Traveller. Savathûn knows more than she lets on, maybe even the best strand weapons. She needs to explain a lot. That is, if she is ever brought back to life again.

Will Elsie Bray Break The Loop?

In Destiny 2, Elsie Bray, who was first known as the Exo Stranger, has come to trust the Guardians. She has made it clear that she wants to keep her sister, Ana Brey, from becoming tainted by the Darkness. Elsie is stuck in a time loop that makes her keep repeating the same events until she can find a way to break the loop and win.

Elsie has made more progress than ever before in this loop. Because she has made friends with the Guardians. Elsie may know what could happen in the future. But she hopes that with friends, things can get better. People will hopefully get to see if Elsie can break out of the loop and make her own path. It was a joke.

What’s Next For The Vanguard?

The Vanguard have been fighting with each other for a while. Since Cayde-6’s death, the Vanguard haven’t trusted each other and haven’t had a clear goal in mind. Even though the Hunter Vanguard hasn’t been replaced yet, Zavala doesn’t trust the Traveller because of how often it does things that are misread, like giving Savathûn the Light.

Ikora, on the other hand, spends most of her time with the Hidden, a group she uses for spying and secret tasks. With the Traveller possibly gone and the Vanguard on its last legs, will the Guardians see a new group form, or will the Vanguard come out stronger than ever?

Will Light Or Dark Guardians Matter?

In Destiny 2, there is a struggle for power. Through their Arc, Solar, and Void subclasses, players were given the skills of the Traveller. But when the Witness made itself known, Stasis and Strand gave them the powers of Darkness as well. There is a clear difference between these skills, and maybe even between the Guardians’ loyalties. Do they want more Darkness powers or do they want to protect the Light?

There have been Guardians with bad morals in the past. And the Drifter may be the most interesting and grey one. With the Light and Darkness story coming to an end, it would be interesting to see. If there is a fight between the Guardians who use Light and those who use Dark.

How Important Is Our Guardian?

If a player has been playing Destiny since the first game, their Guardian has been in many wars and fights. Some players have killed Oryx, gotten revenge for Cayde-6, become an Iron Lord, and won the Red War, among many other titles. Still, it makes us wonder how important our Guardian is and if they are the only ones who will be in charge of what happens next in Destiny.

Each Guardian is different. Some focus on the Trials of Osiris, others on the Vanguard Operations, and the most brave Guardians go on Raids. In the Corridors of Time, there is a possible future that shows the Guardian’s funeral. Will the Final Shape see this, and is this person the Traveler’s chosen one?